“We’ve created a ‘seventh haven’ by listening to our staff”

SMART Garden Rooms, Offices & Studios, based in Thurston just outside Bury St Edmunds, has announced the launch of its latest range of stylish and high quality solutions to helping busy people maintain a good work:life balance.

The Affinity range combines a mixture of the traditional and the modern through a clever juxtaposition of irregular, vertical larch cladding and boxy contemporary design. 

Crucially, the Affinity marks a step up from the company’s current six core designs by incorporating a welcoming front portico and an ‘add on’ canopy complete with decking platform and LED downlighting to create an elegant experience that combines a space to work alongside one to relax.

The Affinity is the first new SMART product to come to market since the current management team of Matt Moss, Sue Phillips and Paul Sheppard bought the company in the spring of 2019.

At the time these directors announced their ambitious plans to build on the company’s heritage by growing the business both in term of quality and quantity of inputs and outputs.

According to managing director Matt Moss: “In many respects the Affinity reflects everything that we are trying to achieve at SMART. The initial idea came from one of our staff and we were so impressed that we backed the concept and under the guidance of Paul Sheppard, our operations director, invested considerable internal design and construction investment to make it happen.

“The Affinity truly combines modern state-of-the-art building techniques and materials, alongside traditional craftsmanship skills underpinned by constant emphasis on staff development and training.

“We are incredibly proud, both of the product itself, but also how we got to where we are today by listening to the great ideas of our staff.”

Paul Sheppard explained that: “The in-house development and launch of the Affinity range is proof positive that SMART in particular and Suffolk more generally is full of great business ideas – and the determination and risk-taking attitude to deliver them.”

Sales & marketing director Sue Phillips added: “SMART has built up a formidable reputation for helping businesses, homeworkers, schools and many other organisations solve their need for additional space.  

“The Affinity range literally adds an extra dimension to our offer. By bringing together an inside and undercover outside element, we’ve created a garden room that works in perfect harmony with the garden, offering a unique and versatile space for those wanting to have both a space to focus on work and to relax and socialise.”

In addition to launching the Affinity, SMART has continued to develop its other six designs (the Suffolk Barn, the Classic, the Temple Folly, the Ultra, the Belle and the Key Studio), around which it offers a multitude of optional extras and upgrades to suit individual tastes and the particular features of any prospective locations for its buildings. 

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