What is our legacy? Never standing still

By Peter Wilson, Cory Brothers

With 180 years of successful trading under your belt, your legacy should be quite clear, shouldn’t it? Well, from our humble beginnings in Cardiff, to becoming a worldwide business with a revered and a respected reputation, Cory’s legacy could be viewed in many ways.
Published in Suffolk Director magazine, Summer|Autumn 2022

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Cory’s legacy could be viewed by business longevity, staying relevant, stability, or even maintaining a healthy balance sheet.

Throughout the years of our business, each leader could be described as a custodian, and as the current MD, that is exactly how I see myself. I started at Cory Brothers straight from school and I have risen to become the current leader at the helm of the company; a journey which I think has contributed to our business legacy.

A history peppered with legacies

Throughout our history, there have been many varied and interesting Cory legacies. There is the Cory Brothers distinctive ‘Dragon’ logo – which many will have seen and recognised, and which has stayed true for 180 years. There is the  Cory Brass Band, which was started in 1895, and who have just retained the European Brass Band of the Year title. Or perhaps you’ve heard of Coryton refinery in Essex? Formally part of the Port of London, its name derives from our previous ownership and inception, when in 1921, Cory Brothers acquired the Kynochtown factory site and railway, to build an oil storage depot.

Personally though, I think that the Cory Brothers legacy is more than the physical history. As a trusted service provider, we rely on our people to maintain the high standards that are pivotal to our ongoing success. This treasured trait is embedded into our positive culture and is extended into our relationships with all of our stakeholders, whoever, and wherever they are in the world. We always seek to garner excellent multi-level relationships throughout our business, as it’s just the right thing to do.

Ensuring the business continues

Legacy is essentially what you pass onto the next generation, and that’s where my custodianship comes in. A business should always be looking to the future, finding new ways and new methods to meet and exceed customers changing requirements. However, we should do this whilst learning from our past experiences and retaining those established core values that resonate with our clients, suppliers and networks.

Above all else, as a successful business we are committed to ensuring every one of our 500-strong workforce is motivated and proud to be part of the crew of such a respected and longstanding company. I know I am biased, but we are made up of the best people; a team that are happy to work together, and who will carry us forward to many more milestone anniversaries in the future. Ultimately, our legacy is that we are a business that never stands still!

What is our legacy? Never standing still 1

Peter Wilson is Managing Director of Cory Brothers

E: marketing@corybrothers.com
or visit www.corybrothers.com
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