What would your team do with 20% extra energy?

With lockdown restrictions finally lifted, would you benefit from increased energy in your team?
Well here's an exclusive offer from Energise.Me

Published in Norfolk Director Magazine Autumn 2021
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Exclusive offer from Energise.Me to Norfolk Director magazine readers

If you are interested in energising yourself and your team, increasing productivity, whilst also reducing overall stress levels – this is a great opportunity for you.

Ian Hacon, Founder of Energise.Me is now available for a limited number of FREE sessions. Each session lasts 30-minutes and can be delivered face to face or digitally.

“My team was genuinely inspired by Ian’s talk, and all of us left with a greater sense of focus and purpose for the future.” Dan Hurren, Norfolk Wealth Management

As well as the free session, you will also benefit from free energy assessments for your whole team, plus you will be provided with a free anonymous report to help you energise your team further

This FREE package is worth a total of £1,000.

There is limited availability (only 10 sessions), so please get in touch to avoid disappointment by emailing ian.hacon@energise.me

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