Woodbridge technology provider wins Norfolk County Council tender

to secure biggest ever self-serve kiosk roll out. Library technology provider, D-Tech International Ltd, has won a tender to supply 95 self-service kiosks to 47 Norfolk County Council Libraries – the provider’s biggest ever roll out.
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D-Tech, the Woodbridge-based developer, manufacturer and supplier of high-performance library technology solutions will install 95 of its newly launched serveIT units in 47 libraries throughout Norfolk.

The new installation will be replacing the existing self-service units which are out of contract at the end of March 2020.

The new units will allow Norfolk’s library users to check out items, pay library fines using cash or contactless payments, and perform other functions such as checking item reservation status.

James Elby, Sales Manager at D-Tech, commented: “We are delighted that Norfolk County Council has chosen D-Tech to supply their new generation of self-service solutions.

“Self-service technology in libraries offers improved accessibility and functionality and enables staff to spend more time engaging with patrons; helping with reading choices, assisting with digital technology and the wide range of activities available in a modern library.

“D-Tech’s new range of serveIT kiosks, which offer the very latest in self-service technology, will allow Norfolk County Council to deliver an improved user experience for library users throughout the county. Everyone at D-Tech is looking forward to working with Norfolk County Council Libraries and all of its staff.”

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