Doctor Golf: winning traits!

Doctor Golf: winning traits!

If I asked you to name a few character traits of a successful individual, I’m sure you would come up with a host of different words to describe them.

Words such as positive, visionary, humble, charitable, charismatic, consistent, patient, considered, determined and professional spring to mind.

I’m also quite sure that ‘resilient’ would be on that list somewhere.

Without jumping on the political bandwagon, and whatever we feel about the Brexit timebomb, Theresa May has shown great resilience in the face of the impossible position that she has been left in, where she is dammed if she does and dammed if she doesn’t!

It will come as no surprise to anyone who has achieved any level of success in their chosen field and has come out the other side, would have become very resilient along the way to the many challenges that their business faced. For some this may be that they have had financial concerns, family worries or staffing issues. For others it could be overcoming their own confidence, shyness or any physical issues.

The area where resilience can be seen on a more regular basis is within the sporting arena where anyone moving on up through the different levels in any sport may have had many issues to overcome. These obstacles are varied and range from time constraints and physical developments in speed, strength and flexibility, to working within a team or planning a performance development program.

Within my own sport of golf anyone reducing their handicap and developing their game to a position where it can move forward would have shown a fair amount of all the aforementioned traits. And, although it would be impossible to move onwards and upwards without them, it could be argued that resilience is the most important characteristic you need to continue moving forward when constantly being hit with a barrage of issues or concerns.

So, if you want to learn how to be more resilient, start playing golf and keep at it. Don’t let bad weather or a few bad hits dent your spirit and put you off, as if you can keep going and persevere the satisfaction you will get from playing will give you a tremendous boost.

For those that already play, set a goal to reduce your handicap by a certain number in 2019 and consistently work towards it, you will be amazed at how your overall resilience will improve in doing so.

Stuart Robertson is PGA Golf Professional at the Doctorgolf Academy, Ufford Park, Woodbridge. If you would like to find out more then contact Stuart on 01394 383480 or or visit Twitter @doctorgolf247

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