Physically: yes it is all about you!

Physical fitness: yes it’s all about you!

As a director, business person, or company owner the lives, well-being, and financial futures of hundreds potentially thousands of people can ride on your ability to function under pressure and to make the tough decisions that work in the best interests of everyone around you.

With so many people relying on you keeping your eye on the ball, the only solution appears to be; to work harder, sleep less, and demand more while putting yourself at the back of the queue. True, your sacrifices are admirable, but if you are overworked, over-stressed, and overstimulated, then your productivity, patience, and decision-making abilities are going to be limited.

It’s a vicious cycle which is showing no signs of relenting and day by day things take longer as your focus and dynamic nature start to wane. At some point you are going to reach breaking point so maybe it’s time to act, take a step back and concentrate on yourself.

So how do we go about building the resilience needed to function in an ever-demanding world and ensure we act optimally and deliver on our promises to those relying on us both personally and professionally?

Firstly, your physical and mental health needs to be a high priority and by focusing on the four pillars of health below you will start see some quick improvements in both – everything else will flow from that.

1.       Sleep for over seven hours: Sleeping less than seven hours has been shown to result in poor decision making, poor productivity, low mood, and decreased health.

2.       Hydrate effectively: dehydration as little as two percent will reduce mental and physical performance significantly, drink at least two litres per day to ensure optimal performance.

3.       Eat more veg: Your mother was right, aim for 10 portions of fruit and veg per day to get the micro nutrients necessary for high energy levels

4.       Exercise: Whether you get 20 minutes per day or three lots of 45 minutes per week, exercise is essential if we are to stay fit and healthy enough to cope with the rigours of the modern business world. Move regularly, get out of breath and make sure you sweat to get the best results.

All the above involves us setting boundaries for ourselves and maybe some goals to achieve. We are great at setting them for business, so why aren’t we setting them for our health? After all, the success or failure of our business could ultimately rest on our own health and wellbeing.

Ben Gray is a personal fitness coach and the founder and owner of Suffolk Strength Academy which helps you take the necessary steps to create a healthier, fitter, and stronger version of yourself. Visit or call 07817 804716

Photo Credit: Georgie Kerr

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