VARTAN launches new corporate ID as part of its growth and ‘post-Brexit’ strategy

Vartan, the trade and compliance specialists, celebrated the launch of its new branding in February as the Felixstowe-based consultancy continues to expand.  

Miles Vartan, managing director of VARTAN explains, “We have experienced a steady increase in enquiries across the range of our service offerings and felt the time was right to refresh our brand. VARTAN will continue to offer unrivalled expertise in supporting businesses across all industry sectors, assisting them manage their compliance and risk profile.

VARTAN is urging companies involved in international trade to ensure their risk management and quality standards are fit for purpose and ‘ready for business’ in preparation for the uncharted waters of the Post-Brexit economy that lay ahead.

In relation to Brexit, Miles continues, “Companies often trade with their nearest neighbours, so despite an exit from the Customs Union, significant trading opportunities will remain for the UK.  As companies look further afield to different markets and a new international stage on which to do business, having the required customs regime in place could be a key business advantage.  Customs regimes include processing, transit, storage and specific use. In addition, Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status provides additional benefits such as reduced risk scores with HMRC.

In addition, VARTAN has moved in to new premises, close to the Port of Felixstowe, as part of its ‘post-Brexit readiness strategy.’

“Our refreshed corporate identity is all about us evolving as a consultancy. The decision to change our name from Miles Vartan Consultancy to VARTAN reinforces the growth we’ve achieved over the last nine years to become the team of experienced consultants we are today. Whilst we enjoy a reputation nationally, we believe our fresh look will assist in developing an international presence and will work well for us as the UK gets closer to leaving the EU.”

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