Get the Most Out of Your Cloud Software Packages

Get the Most Out of Your Cloud Software Packages

All organisations have systems and processes which shape the company and are geared to ensure it runs smoothly.

Choosing the right combination of tools and getting to grips with the software can feel overwhelming. Cloud software applications have been developed to be cost-efficient, accessible and intuitive but which to plump for?  

Well, start with the basics and you can then finesse. For example: 

•   Bookkeeping: Xero, Quickbooks or Sage and Receiptbank (for expenses)

•   CRM systems: Capsule or Hubspot will link with the above

•   Time-tracking: Harvest (will integrate with Xero)

•   Task Management: Trello (will link with Harvest) or  

At Bay Tree VA, we see ourselves as ‘the friendly face of tech’. We have instilled confidence in clients to give new software packages a go; setting them up and ensuring the systems are used and kept up to-date. Whilst we are not techies, we are comfortable around computers and have a practical, can-do attitude.

We are already proficient with software such as Outlook. With the arrival of Microsoft Teams (as part of Office 365), it is likely to be the next key piece of software businesses will want to understand. A chat-based collaboration tool, it allows remote teams to work together and share information via a common space using messaging, file sharing and teleconferencing features.

Having the right systems and processes are foundation stones to any business. Don’t miss out on making the most of yours.

Jane Cattermole is Founder and Managing Director of Bay Tree VA T: 01284 828974 E: or visit

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