Nurturing and Encouraging Future Talent

Nurturing and Encouraging Future Talent

The largest employer-led skills and careers event in the county took place in October.

Re-branded the Suffolk Skills and Careers Festival (formerly Suffolk Skills Show), the annual event returned to Trinity Park for its seventh year, with an aim to inform and inspire students by showcasing the businesses and careers options in the county.

Students, aged 11-24, were able to meet local and national employers from a variety of different sectors, explore the learning opportunities available and get hands-on experience to help inspire them. Businesses were on-hand to meet with students including those that had an interest in working in their sector, to talk about career and training opportunities within their company.

Over 4,000 students attended and over 100 local businesses and training providers supported the event, which was sponsored by Suffolk County Council and New Anglia LEP and organised by The Suffolk Agricultural Association.

The event saw a new and improved look for 2019 as well as a new Chair of the Local Committee, Michelle Pollard, Managing Director of Spider, the online job advertiser and specialist recruiter.

Michelle is passionate about driving the Festival forward and ensuring that critical skills sectors are closely aligned to local businesses to ensure the county and local economy thrives. “So often we are told that our young people are not “work ready”. So, this event is important for both our young people of Suffolk and local companies who recognise that getting into dialogue with the talent of the future is critically important to the success of their businesses long term. This event is not a jobs’ fair, it’s an opportunity to really raise the aspirations of our future workforce and inspire our young people”.

The event is backed by several key organisations in Suffolk who contribute their skills to ensure the show is a success.

Ian Twinley, Chairman of John Grose and the Honorary President of The Suffolk & Norfolk Skills and Careers Festival commented: “This event is well established with most Suffolk schools attending. We are very fortunate that the business community in Suffolk is providing enormous support for the next generation of the county’s workforce. The skills gap is narrowing every year which will lead to a more prosperous county for all of us.”

The event, previously called The Suffolk Skills Show, has been rebranded to reflect the fact that it is now a joint initiative between the Suffolk Agricultural Association (SAA) and the Royal Norfolk Agricultural Association (RNAA).

Phillip Ainsworth, Chief Executive of SAA has been involved since the rebranding. He said: “This year’s event offered a broad spectrum of businesses, mostly based in this county, who interacted, inspired and excited our young visitors. We were also able to offer professional careers advice and welcome parents to accompany their children to these sessions”.

The event enables students to explore the wide career choices in Suffolk and is a fantastic opportunity for them to speak to professionals to gain an inside view on a career they may be interested in.

For more information on the Suffolk Skills and Careers Festival or to register your interest in exhibiting in 2020, contact Charlotte Rossiter T: 01473 707116 E:

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