Great Golfing Opportunities

Did you know that an estimated 90 percent of Fortune 500 CEOs play golf?

If you are looking to further your career or develop new business alliances, one of the strongest links you can establish is by playing a round of golf.

Not forgetting the obligatory drink at the bar after a game, where else would you have the opportunity to share four to six hours with a business leader or potential colleague in an informal environment, away from the interruptions from phones or emails?

Although business may not be done there and then, the relationships that can develop from this quality time can help build stronger partnerships into the future.

So I pose the question, if you aren’t already doing so, why haven’t you taken up playing golf? Is it the lack of time? That you think you’re not very good at it? Or that you play other sports?

Although it takes time to learn and play golf, it is one of the few sports that you can play for a lifetime and, with the handicap system, it allows all levels of player to compete.

Could you commit to a series of lessons this year so that you have a command of the basic skills necessary, and then go on to further develop those skills at the driving range of local golf club? Does playing football, rugby, hockey, cycling, allow you the opportunity to develop your business links in the same way that playing golf does?

If you are at the early stages of your career or business cycle there may be countless opportunities lost by not being competent enough at golf to accept the many invitations that will come your way.

I know several of my clients have found that the summer golf days which they attend are very useful in establishing and then building strong relationships, which in some cases have led to future lucrative business opportunities.

At the very least, it keeps you plugged into the business community and enhances your network of contacts.

If you would like to put yourself in a position to be able to accept your next golf day invitation in the confidence that you will at the very least be able to play a round with some degree of competence, then call Stuart Robertson, PGA Golf Professional and Director of Golf at the Doctorgolf Academy, Ufford Park, Woodbridge. T: 01394 383480 or E: Twitter  @doctorgolf247

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