Room to Grow

By Ben Grey, Fitness Coach, Suffolk Strength Academy

If you are reading this the chances are you are one of the five percent on a constant quest for development, and success.

With this comes the acceptance that at any given point in your life, you are going to have to get better at something. In turn, meaning we must consistently face up to our own or our business’ weaknesses, failures and shortcomings.

This need to constantly face our flaws can unfortunately be where it falls down for some, especially when we start to compare ourselves to others. We can concentrate so hard on our own inadequacies that we allow them to dominate our future and prevent us from focussing on the improvements needed to ensure we continue to move forward.

We worry about the flaws when surely the lack of any identifiable weaknesses would be a more concerning problem!

So, how about viewing our faults differently, more positively and as a real opportunity for further growth and improvements in all areas of our lives?

At home: If you took some time to compliment your partner, purchase a thoughtful gift, or spend some quality time with them away from gadgets, how much better would your relationship be?

At work: If you don’t have any core values, mission statements, projections, or budgets in your business and you are surviving, or even growing, imagine what you could achieve if you started to focus on them and implement them. How much further could your business go?

Health and fitness: You are overweight and don’t move like you used to. Your doctor is more concerned about your heart and prostate than you are comfortable with, your cholesterol is up, your libido is down, and you are starting to get sick of buying clothes that fit, rather than clothes you love. Look, I know you haven’t got time to improve your health, but your BMI, your waist to hip ratio, and your visceral fat levels are all trying to tell you that if you don’t take some time now, you are going to have to make time – sooner than you think.

If this is the case, and you feel you’re already doing all you can, I’m sure there is plenty of room to do other things to get you heading back in the right direction.

If you:

•  Have a sedentary job take 10 minutes every couple of hours to walk and to think, be more active at weekends, get yourself a desk at which you could both stand and sit.

•  Have a lot of pain, or don’t move well spend 10 minutes each morning doing some yoga, stretches, or floor-based movements based on increasing your mobility.

•  Eat less than 5 portions of veg per day find a way to incorporate more into your diet, snack on vegetables, make your own smoothie daily, include two veg with every meal.

•  Survive on coffee, and energy drinks, stop drinking them after midday and increase your water consumption to at least 1.5 litres per day.

And above all keep moving forward, you will be amazed at how quickly things start improve with just these small adjustments.

Ben Gray is a personal fitness coach and the Founder and Owner of Suffolk Strength Academy T: 07817 804716 E: or visit

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