IoD Suffolk holding ‘Demystifying Digital’ Event

Demystifying Digital – Is Your Digital Footprint Serving You?

Date & time: 15 Oct 2019 09:00 – 13:00

Location: All Saints Hotel, Bury St Edmunds

Experts show how mixing Digital Productivity and Diversity leads to higher business performance at IoD Suffolk premier event

Do your staff fear digital? How diverse is your team?  In a fast paced world with ever-changing trends, it is vital for businesses to keep up with digital transformations while ensuring that their workforce is motivated and fully engaged.

The Institute of Directors (IoD) Suffolk Branch is holding their showcase event for business leaders, ‘Demystifying Digital’ on Tuesday 15th October 2019.

The interactive half-day workshop will be themed around Diversity, Workforce Engagement and Digital Productivity.

Through talks and breakout sessions, thought leaders will analyse how different digital processes and channels may be received by members of staff and how to ensure that digital transformations are stress-free, inclusive, and everyone is on board from the word “go”. 

Ben Miller, Insight and Innovation Consultant at Konica Minolta, who is among the keynote speakers who will be presenting at the event, commented:

“Business leaders are faced with digital technologies which are accelerating change and amplifying complexities, but on a broader level they are making us all rethink how we live, learn, work and consume.  Against such a daunting backdrop, an approach coined by local legend Colin Chapman rings true  – “Simplify.  Then add Lightness”.

Experts will discuss all aspects of diversity; from race, gender and sexual orientation to mindset and thought processes. They will show how harnessing this diverse talent in your organisation and engaging your workforce will enable successful and smooth-running digital implementations.

Combining diversity and digital productivity, business leaders will learn how to achieve high performance from the whole team and stay ahead.

The following keynote speakers will share their knowledge and facilitate breakout sessions:

Sehaam Cyrene, The Paper Tuner

Matt Applegate, BAFTA winner and Founder, Creative Computing Club

Tim Robinson, COO, TechEast

Ian Gardner, IBM

John Cockburn-Evans, Aspire2BLean

Ben Miller, Konica Minolta

The morning will come to a close with a buffet lunch with fellow delegates.

For further information and to book tickets visit:

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