A guide to your net-zero journey

By Kim Gear, Auditel
With the UK making history in 2019 as the first major country to institute legislation that aims to drive the country to Net Zero emissions by 2050, Auditel discusses the first steps organisations can take to begin their journey to Net Zero.

Published in Suffolk Director Magazine Autumn|Winter 2022

Carbon Neutral: Auditel

Net-zero emissions refer to the balance between the number of greenhouse gases produced and the amount that’s removed from the atmosphere. Therefore, net-zero emissions are attained when the amount added into the atmosphere, is not more than the amount eliminated.

To attain a net-zero state, emissions released into the atmosphere through transport, homes, industry and agriculture will need to be reduced. These sectors will have to cut the emissions they release into the atmosphere. However, this will not be a downhill task as in some areas like aviation it will be too complex and expensive to reduce emissions.

Auditel – an overview

Auditel is a leading carbon and cost management company, that leverages its long-standing procurement expertise to bring about a real, sustainable change for its clients on their carbon and cost reduction journey. All solutions are delivered to internationally recognised standards, with independent third-party verification. UKAS accreditation guarantees all organisations will recognise your verification. It will also:

  • Improve efficiency and profit margins
  • Help you to retain and win new business
  • Improve staff and stakeholder engagement
  • Help you to stand out from competitors

So, what does a business need to do?

For many categories of UK organisations, carbon reporting, net-zero migration planning and eventual net-zero status are now mandated by law. However, for those where it is not mandated, the market is a minefield. Carbon accounting practices have lagged somewhat behind the legislation. Only comparatively recently, a loose selection of user-defined best practices has hardened into internationally recognised methodologies and standards.

The first stage in any journey is to measure where you are now as your starting point, because you cannot manage what you cannot measure. To coin a phrase from a well-known TV advert, it’s: ‘Simples’, surely? Well, actually, no. There are many carbon footprint report (CFRs) providers, often with a convincing sales pitch and testimonials from satisfied customers. To the uninitiated, one CFR looks much like any other, and in the absence of further information, it is tempting to buy the cheapest, but that may not be the best solution.

Areas of support

  • Carbon Footprint – ISO14064-1, GHG Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard
  • Streamlined Energy Carbon Reporting (SECR)
  • Carbon Reduction Plan – PPN 06/21, Verification
  • Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS)
  • PAS2060:2014 – Only internationally recognised standard for carbon neutrality
  • Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)
  • Life-cycle Assessment (LCA)
  • Specialists in the delivery of carbon reporting and reduction in Scopes 1, 2, & 3
  • National coverage with over 100 qualified consultants
  • Extensive team of sector specialists spanning a range of disciplines, including manufacturing, finance, technical engineering, and energy

Auditel will support you as your carbon partner and advise you on every step of your journey in a measurable, meaningful and potentially self-funding way.

A guide to your net-zero journey 1

Kim Gear is Business Development Manager of Connect Consultancy Ltd T/A Auditel.

T: 01394 338657
E: kim.gear@auditel.co.uk
Or visit www.auditel.co.uk/connect

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