Achieving green goals through partnership

Looking back on 2023, it was a year of growth for the partnership between Anglian Waste Group Limited and Norwich School.

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Demolition & Waste Recycling:
Anglian Waste Recycling

July saw the delivery of general waste, mixed recycling, glass and food waste bins to the school site in central Norwich. Since then, collections have taken place weekly with the waste returning to the Anglian yard in Attleborough – just 18 miles away – for segregation and processing.

Zero Waste to Landfill

Anglian also provides the school with a monthly report detailing the amounts of each waste collected. At the end of the year, the figures showed that in 2023, Norwich School achieved an annual recycling rate of 78.53%, with 0% of waste going to landfill. Bearing in mind that these figures cover just six months’ worth of collections, this is an amazing achievement for the partnership.

This year is very much about continuing to grow the relationship, with plans already in place to support the school with additional bins on the ground and collections for their diary of events.

Education and Training

At the school, they have been working with CIM Signs and Graphics to create 425 bespoke signs to inform and educate people on what should be placed in each specific bin, further assisting the process of segregating the waste. The team at Anglian have also worked with Norse Group to provide on-site training for the school’s cleaning contractors, to make them aware of how the bins are divided and to make sure that specific bins are not mixed – something which could have an impact on the way they are processed further down the line.

Plans for the new year include a further collaboration between Anglian, Norwich School and CIM to produce educational and editable graphics which will be displayed in the school canteen to keep students, staff and visitors abreast of the current recycling figures as they’re reported.

Anglian is also looking forward to welcoming the school’s Green Group to their Attleborough headquarters to show them where the waste is processed. It is hoped that they will then move on to the anaerobic digestion plant, located two miles away, to see how the school’s food waste goes toward producing 87 gigawatt hours of biomethane electricity per annum – enough to supply 4,000 Attleborough homes – with the remaining digestate being supplied to local farms to fertilise the fields.

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The growing relationship between Anglian and Norwich School has also led to an introduction to Anglian’s Survey Division, where team members (pictured to the left), Nick Davenport and Wayne Bemrose, have been contracted to work with the school’s maintenance team, carrying out annual management and re-inspection surveys, advising staff, and managing materials on site. This will be an ongoing project due to some of the school buildings dating back to the 1500s.

Main photo shows Anglian Waste Recycling’s, Darcy Raven, with Norwich School’s Head of Operations, Kate Smith, and Estates Supervisor, Gene Bolingbroke. 

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