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As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the economic uncertainty it has brought, a lot of businesses are putting their permanent recruitment on hold while they navigate the choppy waters ahead. 

Published in Suffolk Director Magazine Summer/Autumn 2020

Recruiting Professionals

Although this has curtailed a lot of the traditional recruitment services we have historically provided, we are finding that not only are new opportunities to work alongside local businesses emerging, but some of the services we have always delivered; albeit in the background, are now coming to the fore. 


Here are seven ways we are currently supporting businesses: 

1. Bridging the gap: 

Due to lockdown, companies have been left with jobs to fill because existing employees have had to stop working due to shielding, or they are looking after children or relatives. We are plugging those gaps by finding people that can fill in on a short term or temporary contract. 

2. The technology advantage: 

Usually we would pre-interview candidates by holding a face-to-face interview, but lockdown has provided an opportunity to hold these remotely using virtual communication. Candidates are delighted their applications are not put on hold and clients appreciate their recruitment plans can be progressed. 

3. Acting as a sounding board: 

More than ever, businesses are scrutinising their people and the skills gaps they need to plug. We are helping to strategise and give advice on whether the person they have in mind actually exists and if they do, would they be someone they could realistically recruit. 

4. Shortlisting for interview: 

Clients that are advertising independently are facing the onerous task of sifting through a pile of applications to find the right person. So, we are helping by carrying out due diligence, reviewing and replying to all the applicants, and drawing up an interview shortlist of the candidates who fit the job criteria, and who we think would be a good fit. 

5. Looking longer term: 

As we cannot foresee how things are going to unfold over the next few months, some clients are hesitant about making permanent job offers. So, we are selecting candidates, initially for temp positions, but with a view that if things work out both the client and the candidate would be happy to make the position permanent. 

6. Connecting MDs: 

On speaking to our clients, it became apparent that some were unfortunately very isolated during the pandemic. We were able to tap into our extensive network to set up and offer a confidential WhatsApp group, so ideas and experiences could be shared. 

7. Let’s buy local: 

We have negotiated discounts with many of our clients who had pivoted their organisations to offer COVID-19 products. Due to our large local network, and to help our local community, we have been able to assist them in marketing their products to other local employers. 

Experience helps us find solutions

We specialise in recruiting across a range of sectors, which include sales and marketing, accountancy, office support, industrial, engineering, food, and the supply chain. For 25 years, we have worked very hard to form and maintain some fantastic relationships and as responsible recruiters, we are continually having to think outside the box to provide solutions and add value to the recruitment process. 


Annette Rowland is Recruitment Specialist at Compass Point Recruitment. If you are looking for a recruitment partner that is passionate about connecting the right people together, then contact at E: T: 01284 765700 or visit:

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