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Adapting to the ‘new normal’ can be a challenging and testing time for a lot of businesses. Making the transition to working from home can be hard, especially when you are in a document-heavy environment. 

Published in Norfolk Director Magazine Summer/Autumn 2020

Managing your Records

If you’re worrying about how to access the documents you need, or where in your home you can store the paperwork safely that you usually keep in the office, then we can help. 

COVID-19 has had a big impact on the way businesses are operating and the way they will continue to operate in the future. How you manage your archiving will likely be part of this and there are a number of ways we can help take the stress out of making changes to your working environment. 

Access to our Client Portal

One way is to keep your records at your fingertips with our Client Portal. This online service gives you 24/7 instant access to fully manage your documents despite them being offsite. It enables you to find your items quickly while also keeping your business compliant. 

Designed to work for you, our mobile friendly Client Portal gives you the ability to manage documents even when you are on the move or working from home. It enables you to retrieve what you need, download reports, and review boxes that are due for destruction. If a document is in storage, simply book a retrieval for a date and time to suit you and we do the rest. We are carrying out contactless deliveries and, if you’re working from home, we can deliver to your personal address (subject to company policy). 

Here is what one of our clients has to say: “A massive thank you to Archive-Vault who have been delivering files to our staff who have been working from home since March. Without this, we would not have been able to operate and continue to deliver a great service to our clients.” 

Digital Retrieval Service

If you require a document but don’t need the hard copy, we offer a digital retrieval service, Scan on Demand. This is great when you need to refer to a document without having the original in front of you. You make the request, we locate the document, scan the hard copy and either email it over or upload to the Client Portal for you to download.

 If you’re looking to make permanent changes to your usable office space to comply with social distancing; rather than having rows of filing cabinets, why don’t you consider using offsite storage? Putting all your records in secure storage means you always know exactly where they are. Not only does this keep your archiving organised, but it also keeps you compliant with Data Protection Regulations

A bespoke service

Archive-Vault is fully committed to supporting businesses as they adapt to the new normal, our fast and flexible service means we can create a bespoke solution to suit you. Also, as part of our commitment, we are continuously monitoring government advice to ensure we are keeping COVID-19 Secure while protecting our clients and staff. 

Contact us today if you’d like to explore how we can support your business during this time.


Emily Pitcher is Office Manager at Archive-Vault which provides document storage and records management solutions to local businesses T: 01603 720722 E: or visit
Twitter: @ArchiveVault

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