Championing Suffolk tech

By Sam Parnell, tech evangelist and digital strategist

I have always believed in the power of the collective and strive to place Suffolk at the heart of the country’s tech map.

Published in Suffolk Director magazine, Spring | Summer 2022

TECH: Ipswich & Suffolk Tech Network

Championing Suffolk tech

Over the last decade, I have been privileged to create and lead on a variety of Suffolk Tech forums, where the sector can learn from each other, develop skills and come together to collaborate.

I know that our county has some of the best talent and opportunities within the tech sector. Suffolk has a long history of running monthly meetups, where tech professionals gather to discuss a topic, learn more about it, talk about industry updates and transfer knowledge. 

In April 2020, I joined a project at West Suffolk College to help introduce mass digitisation within education. By seeing how important support and community were to students, I was reminded of the importance of continuing that into the workplace. I’m keen for everyone to be the best they can be, and I have a passion for building a strong education base for the tech leaders of the future. All of these things inspired me to act and kickstart a network which brought all our local tech groups together. And in August 2020, work started on the Ipswich & Suffolk Tech Network, or ISTN for short.

ISTN is led by tech professionals

Simply put the ISTN’s Board is supported by sector leaders and sponsors and is led by a group of tech professionals, who all believe that Suffolk and the East Region can be the centre of the UK’s digital and tech community.

In an effort to make it easy to see what is happening tech-wise every month in the region, the ISTN calendar pulls together advanced education opportunities, tech events, workshops and meet ups, so they are all in one place, so easy to find out what’s going on. The list of events is growing, and this platform allows businesses to pull together groups and discuss topics that focus on tech education and progression for our industry.

As a young industry, education needs to adapt to ensure the skill gap is plugged for the future, and while formal education catches up, the sector can self-educate, and support those young adults wanting to have a career in Suffolk tech. I’m proud that the ISTN is doing its bit to help make this happen!

Championing Suffolk tech 1

Sam Parnell is Founder and Owner of Measured Brilliance.  There are many ways to get involved with ISTN. To find out more
T: 07765 852887
or visit

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