Cory Dragons donated to Seafarer Initiative

Leading ships agency, logistics and maritime service provider Cory Brothers Shipping Agency, has announced a new initiative in alignment with the QVSR (Queen Victoria Seamen’s Rescue), to help raise awareness, support and recognition for seafarers visiting the Felixstowe Seafarer’s Centre.
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Seafarers are vital for world trade and in particular, island nations.

The world is currently navigating through a global pandemic; the like of which we haven’t seen before, and the essential sea freight mode of the supply chain is under immense pressure to keep goods flowing from nation to nation. Seafarers can be stuck at sea for months beyond their contract terms, continuing to work every day with few home comforts or connectivity to their family, friends and loved ones. Also, due to pandemic restrictions in most countries, Seafarers are often denied permission for shore visit time.

QVSR is leading the way in terms of the UK’s drive to get seafarers vaccinated and more European countries are doing likewise, yet a more joined up international action plan is needed.

Cory Brothers Shipping agency deals with vessels at nearly all UK ports and has offices and partner agencies worldwide. Managing all types of ships for import and export calls, the company, which is headquartered in Ipswich, understands the difficulties that seafarers are facing during the ongoing pandemic.

Because of this, Cory Brothers’ Group MD Peter Wilson held a very positive meeting with Felixstowe Seafarers centre manager, Anita Mazur and QVSR’s CEO Alexander Campbell OBE and Operations Director, David Mosimabale, to discuss and agree a new initiative that would provide seafarers with help, support and recognition.

A 100 plush Cory Dragon Toys have been donated by Cory Brothers to the Felixstowe Seafarers Centre to be used as care gifts for the first 100 seafarers to visit the centre. Each plush Cory Dragon is a token gift to remind seafarers that they, as well as their families and loved ones, are thought of and appreciated.

All seafarer recipients are being encouraged to share the photos of their Cory Dragon on social media to help promote this initiative and help bring more understanding, recognition and support.

Main picture shows Cory Brothers Group MD Peter Wilson (second left) delivering the 100 Cory Dragons donated to Felixstowe Seafarers Centre. From left to right are: David Mosimable, Projects Manager QVSR, Peter, Anita Mazur, Manager Felixstowe Seafarers centre, Captain Ashley Parker, Portmaster Felixstowe Port and Alexander Campbell OBE JP MNM MSc BA FCMI CMgr. Chief Executive QVSR.

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