Developing a guide for sustainable growth

By David Dodds, Sackers
Pre-Covid we were already developing a plan for growth at Sackers. We knew where we wanted to be. We wanted to scale the business, but it needed to be done in the right way, increasing efficiencies, and working smarter.

Published in Suffolk Director Magazine, Autumn 2021
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Sharing Experience: Sackers

In everything I do, I am supported and steered by the Senior Leadership Team. Working together, we have developed a guide on how we can achieve our goals, whilst at the same time taking the individuals that work as part of our family along with us. The primary focus has been looking at what we do well and how we can enhance our services going forward.

For us growing in the right way involves:


We have assessed our existing workforce, identifying strengths and adaptability, as well as capability and aptitude to assume greater positions of responsibility. A skills matrix has been developed, which pinpoints risk areas in the business if personnel go sick or are incapacitated. Our aim is to have a multi-skilled workforce, so we have introduced structured training and development programmes for everyone. We have also restructured and introduced a system where everyone is remunerated on their skills and experience. Ultimately, it’s about keeping our good guys here with us as part of the Sackers family. So, now everyone has a career plan, and they can see what the future holds for them.

Processes and new technology

We are always looking to invest in new technology which improves the way we do things. In 2019, we purchased a cable granulator which was the first in the area of its size. It has enabled us to provide a service where we buy cable, then separate the plastic from the copper, sending the plastic for recycling, and the copper, which is now pure, for export globally. We are now looking to buy more technology to process even quicker.


We are embarking on a journey to become a carbon neutral business. We have always avoided landfill where possible and recycled where we can. We also support other businesses in their journey, investing in a customer carbon neutral portal that identifies carbon emissions from the waste that comes into us once it is processed. Recognition for what we are doing came unexpectedly recently when I was listed in Recycling International magazine at 35 in the top 100 inspiring and determined entrepreneurs globally who have made a positive impact in the world.  It was a nice surprise to see my name on the list and was humbling. 


Culture is intrinsic in whatever we do and how we conduct our business. It’s the responsibility of the Senior Leadership Team to lead by example, and to demonstrate our core values of accountability,  responsibility, generosity and courage, and a commitment to continuously improve.

Fundamental to everything we do is that we are all one family, and everyone is a vital cog in the Sackers wheel.

David Dodds is CEO of Sackers. To find out more about skip hire, scrap metal buying, hazardous and commercial waste disposal including confidential waste contact: T: 01473 830373 E: or visit 

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