Do you consider your team’s opinion?

By Rebecca Thurlow, Compass Point Recruitment
When I set up my business 28 years ago, I was 100% familiar with every aspect of it. But as businesses grow, owners and directors need to delegate key tasks. Unfortunately, with that comes distance, which means decision makers might not always be across the ‘detail’.

Published in Suffolk Director Magazine Autumn|Winter 2022

Recruitment: Compass Point

I freely admit that my knowledge within Compass Point Recruitment now only goes so far, so I place significant value on the opinions and expertise of my team. It’s important to get a 360-degree view at work, and to foster a culture where employees can shine a light on where I or my business are at risk of straying from our core objectives.

This is my company’s internal culture, embracing inclusivity, so everyone has a voice and is confident they will be listened to.

I wouldn’t dream of hiring anyone who could not fit into this way of working. Every potential recruit who attends a second interview with me gets to meet the rest of my team. Not just to say hello and have a grand office tour, but to spend time with them one-to-one or two at a time.

The potential new appointment sees what we’re about, and more of us involved in the process can identify any possible miss-matches before we go too far along the employment process. It helps eliminate the issue of one in, one out! It’s also valuable for the candidate because inclusivity must work for both sides as part of cultural fit. After all, who wants to join a company only to feel they don’t fit a few weeks later?

Helping your business make the right decisions

Making inclusivity a key pillar of recruitment is where we excel for the companies who ask us to find their ideal candidates.

We challenge candidates to ensure they have done their “mental filing”. Have they asked themselves where they’ve been happy working before and why? They might not have considered this, but the process might identify that they enjoy working in one type of business over another.

It’s incredibly valuable for matching potential candidates with the roles and the clients that we promote. It comes down to whether a person feels they belong in a business and can respect those they work for and with.

Inclusivity means that you should not have to conform to fit in. Your values should match the company values, and if you don’t like chatting about life outside of work, don’t join a business where this is encouraged.

Lead from the top

MDs of larger organisations should equally develop an inclusivity culture. Leaving it to line managers and assuming they will all run with it in the same way could be dangerous. You might soon find one department is taking inclusivity to different levels – or not at all.

That can breed discontent and be counter-productive as you seek to build a team that enjoys working with and respects each other.

Do you consider your team’s opinion? 1

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