Doctor Golf: Taking responsibility for yourself

Are you a pioneer or a team player? If you are one of those people that considers themselves to be more of a pioneer, playing an individual sport like golf suggests that you enjoy being personally responsible for ALL you do.
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Ready to tee off

Whether this is packing your golf bag with everything you may need for the round, arranging transport to and from the course, booking accommodation if required, or being warmed up and ready to tee off at the allotted time you have been given, all these decisions come down to you. For some golfers, particularly those that are business owners, this is quite reassuring as many like the feeling of being in control.

For others that may be new to golf, this does take a little bit of adjusting to, as they may be more used to, and more comfortable with, spreading the burden between other members of the team.

If you are involved in a team sport, where others can help you to achieve your goals, there will be more of a collective type of responsibility for success. You may have to take – or have been given – responsibility over a certain aspect of the game, whether it’s a free kick or penalty shot, forming a lineout or goalkeeping, but very rarely will you be in a position to control the whole of the game.

So, when playing golf, whether you see yourself as a pioneer or a team player, there are parallels that can be drawn in business and the role you play.

Some business owners and directors clearly fit into the pioneer category. They are in control and take responsibility for the direction of the business, while employing department managers to help develop and steer the respective teams so that the company can move forward to achieve its goals.

However, in the most successful businesses, there will be many great team players, but they all take their direction from the company owner or majority shareholder who may be led by, and who has set, the vision of the company.

So, where do you see yourself within this profile? In most cases probably sharing a combination of both aspects. Once you know whether your role is predominantly a pioneer or a team leader and you know what you are responsible for, you can do what is necessary to deliver success and any challenges you may face become less intense.

So, when you’re next on the golf course, take the time to reassess your own responsibilities within your working world and how you might be able to develop, grow and enhance relationships with all those you work with.

Stuart Robertson, PGA Golf Professional and Director of Golf at the Doctorgolf Academy, Ufford Park, Woodbridge. T: 01394 383480 or E: Twitter: @doctorgolf247

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