Does a hybrid approach affect teamwork?

By Nathan Munt, Lucas Fettes Financial Planning.

The Covid-19 pandemic reshaped the office landscape and prompted a seismic shift in working practices.

Published in UK Director Magazines Spring 24

Ensuring Business as Usual:
Nathan Munt, Lucas Fettes Financial Planning

Working practices have changed following the pandemic, and while some businesses have now reverted to the ‘old norm’, more flexible arrangements have become common, redefining team dynamics through a blend of remote and in-person working.

Pros and Cons

The rapid transition to remote working revealed both opportunities and challenges for organisations. While it dismantled geographical barriers and provided a better work/life balance for many, it also underscored the importance of effective ongoing communication and collaboration, requiring a fresh approach to this.  

Hybrid working has emerged as the middle-ground solution, but it is not perfect and can make the development of teams more challenging. Physical distance can also impede the organic flow of ideas and camaraderie within teams, risking a disconnect among employees who primarily work remotely.  

For those that can adopt a hybrid model, this provides employees with the freedom to tailor their working schedules, fostering a sense of empowerment and increased job satisfaction. Ultimately, organisations are judged by their productivity and outputs.

Communication is Key

The challenges of hybrid working can also hinder outputs, and investment into robust communication channels is key. Even with communications flowing freely, the lack of physical proximity can result in longer workflows, as a consequence of organisations creating additional processes to counter this, along with supporting management information. Training and development can also be challenging if experienced colleagues are not always nearby to help.

Monitor the Impact

The impact on productivity, and an organisation, can be subtle and not felt immediately, which is why this should be kept under ongoing scrutiny.

It is a complex challenge which we are all getting to grips with, but the expectations of employees have changed, and this is unlikely to reverse. It is therefore a case of finding an approach that works for your organisation, and, importantly, being able to measure the impact in not just financial terms but also on the morale and development of employees, along with the satisfaction of your customers.     

Effective teamwork is an essential component of productivity and investing the time and effort to consider modern ways to build and maintain this will pay dividends.     

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