Donations made to Support Suffolk Good Causes

Hopkins Homes makes donations to support Suffolk victim support groups impacted by the coronavirus outbreak

Six community causes in Suffolk that support victims of domestic abuse and vulnerable children will each receive £4,500 from Hopkins Homes’ charitable fund.
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The coronavirus outbreak brought significant new challenges for people living through violence or abuse at home. Victims and survivors who are in self-isolation may not be able to access support or escape abuse at times when they otherwise would.

Many face to face services for victims have ceased and many supportive resources have been diverted to online counselling and support, but need is changing rapidly and the demand for services is expected to peak once lockdown is lifted.

Hopkins Charitable Fund is working with the Suffolk Community Foundation through its coronavirus fund to fund domestic abuse, domestic violence and sexual abuse charities to ensure demand can be increased in services.

The six community causes to receive £4,500 are:

Bury Women’s Aid – the organisation provides a variety of support to all people who have been affected by domestic abuse

Lighthouse Women’s Aid – an independent charity working with women, young people and children affected by domestic abuse

Fresh Start new beginnings – supports children who have suffered from sexual abuse, and their families

Waveney Domestic Abuse and Violence Forum – a first port of call for people who have been abused

Survivors in Transition – provides specialist support for male and female survivors of sexual abuse, exploitation or violence

Suffolk Rape Crisis – provides support to women and girls aged 14 and above who have experienced any form of sexual violence

James Hopkins, Executive Chairman of Hopkins Homes, said: “We want to donate to causes facing additional strain as a result of the exceptional circumstances driven by coronavirus.

“Charities and community groups supporting vulnerable people and victims of abuse anticipate an increase in demand of 25 per cent after lockdown so these organisations need to have capacity increased ready for immediate support once lockdown is lifted. We hope this helps to support some of the people most in need.”

Stephen Singleton, Chief Executive of the Suffolk Community Foundation added: “Charities and community groups are facing a huge challenge and it is thanks to the generous donations from businesses that they are able to meet demand and prepare for the future. We give our utmost thanks to Hopkins Homes for supporting community groups in Suffolk doing vital work, supporting the most vulnerable during the crisis.” As part of its 2017 pledge, the Hopkins Charitable Fund aims to donate half a million pounds over the course of five years to charities and community groups across Suffolk, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire.

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