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By Rebecca Thurlow, Compass Point Recruitment

When asked for your definition of passion, what immediately comes to mind? Red hearts and couples, a beautiful flowering tree, or Waitrose Passion Fruit cheesecake!
Published in Suffolk Director Magazine, Winter 2021|22

Recruitment: Compass Point

Here at Compass Point Recruitment, passion for us is all about making a real difference to our clients and candidates.

We feel so passionate about recruitment that we included it into our core company values of ‘PEOPLE’ which stands for Professional, Ethical, Ownership, Passion, Listening and Exceptional customer service.

Our passion to deliver is frequently challenged, especially when working with clients assisting them in filling some of their more ‘mundane and routine’ vacancies. We work to understand their needs, so that we can passionately promote the job. Without that interest, motivation and teamwork, we would be unable to consistently deliver.

Our consultants assist clients throughout East Anglia with the following 3P’s.


In the candidate scarce market we currently operate in, it is essential that when you start to think about recruiting, you find the time to act promptly.  If there are week-long gaps between receiving the CVs to first and second interviews, history has proven you will lose candidates. We are finding the clients that snooze – lose!

We also recommend that clients maintain regular contact with any new recruits who have to give one to three months’ notice periods to their previous employers.  Last minute counteroffers are occurring, so you need to keep the passion alive. 

Maintaining your team is very key at the moment, as we work in a people oriented business like recruitment, we talk to candidates daily. It is heart-breaking the number of candidates who register with us because they are unhappy in their jobs. They feel they aren’t listened to, they don’t have a voice, and no one asks them how they are doing. Having an internal people strategy is highly recommended.


Not all businesses are lucky enough to have a product or service that is exciting which staff can naturally become passionate about.  If that is you, keeping your team motivated about delivering results, and making them aware of how their efforts impact the success of the company will help.


It is essential, for us as recruiters, to fully understand the purpose of any role we fill, constructively challenging our clients on where their vacancy fits into the organisation and whether it could be ‘spiced up’ to add more interest.  Frequently, the role is what it is, and it is down to us to ensure we passionately promote it. Our skills come to the fore here, matching the right candidate to the job.

It is a cliché, but your team is your biggest asset. Recruiting them is only one piece of the puzzle. Maintaining your team’s passion for your business and products is essential.  It doesn’t matter the size of your team; it still comes down to the individual and their enthusiasm to go the extra mile.

Rebecca Thurlow is Founder & MD at Compass Point Recruitment which works for clients in the manufacturing, food, agriculture, legal, finance and insurance sectors across East Anglia. If you are looking for a recruitment partner that thinks outside the box, then contact:
E: rebecca@compasspoint.co.uk
T: 01284 765700 or visit compasspoint.co.uk

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