Extraordinary posy Covid comeback comeback for Norwich events company

Norwich based events business, IMAGE Experimental, is celebrating success with an extraordinary resurgence in their 35th year.

The reported financial success comes alongside significant change for Image Experiential – formerly Image Display & Graphics – that goes beyond an updated name.

Like many industries, 2020 was catastrophic for live events. With a year’s worth of events vanishing
overnight and the industry taking a drastic nosedive, Image were quickly forced to grapple for
survival. With no choice but to pivot away from events, the team turned their expertise to new

Managing Director, Alex Cosham explained: “It was a matter of survival mode kicking in. We needed
something that would use all of our in-house skills in design, marketing, and manufacturing. So, we
became Image Garden Rooms to engage our production team and launched our brand consultancy
Image Development to support other businesses with the enforced changes Covid demanded.”

“It tested relationships and the resolve of our business to the limits” he adds, talking about the
“extraordinary resilience” needed to navigate the pandemic.

Luckily, live events began to return, a comeback that resulted in 2023 global event revenues reaching
97% of 2019 levels (UFI, Global Barometer – July 2023). The knock-on effect for Image has been
exceptional, with strong financial reports, a full calendar, and a growing team into 2024.

As events entered a new era, Image began a new chapter of their own too. 2023 was the first year
with Alex Cosham in post as Managing Director, taking over the family business after 34
extraordinary years of father Iain Cosham steering the ship.

“I had some extraordinary teachers, team-mates and clients, which have helped make my first year
one of the most successful years in our humble history”, Alex Cosham reflects.

Alongside the company’s financial successes, they have also seen a rise in creative briefs and unique
projects, continuing to push the envelope on creativity and leaning into the ‘experiential’.

Hence, the shift in name from Image Display and Graphics to Image Experiential was something that
“just made sense” to Cosham.

But despite the change, he assures us that some things haven’t changed.

“We kept the stuff that mattered, the practical know-how, the honest to goodness quality
craftsmanship that started in a dusty garage back in the 80s, the spirit of real customer service, the
attitude needed to push back. Becoming Image Experiential ready for 2024 feels like the next
evolution of our business that we’ve seen taking shape over the last year.”

Image: An exhibition stand designed and built by Image Experiential for Norfolk-based business and long term client Natures Menu at Crufts.

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