Flexible support based on client needs

By Fiona Portway, Bay Tree VA

At Bay Tree VA our business model is based around our flexibility to client need. Not just to the services they require but us quickly embracing their style of working, adopting new software and getting up to speed with industries that may be new to us.

Published in Norfolk Director Magazine, Summer 2021
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Bay Tree VA: Virtual Assistants & Remote Support

We approach this with certain cornerstones to ensure we provide the best service:

Choosing the right people:

To provide a flexible service, you need to recruit team members with the right approach and attitude.   Software can be learnt but being able to think on your feet and come up with solutions whilst remaining calm is a more engrained skill which comes from self-confidence and life experience. Our clients are looking for an executive who fits in with their culture and behaves with the same commitment and enthusiasm as the rest of their team.

Being ready for opportunity:

We are constantly assessing the capacity of our team, taking a view on how our roles may expand or contract with clients as well as being ready to service new business too.  When prospective clients get in touch, it may have taken them quite a long time to reach that tipping point of accepting they need to make a change. Therefore, we want to be able to make that change happen for them as swiftly as possible.  So we need to make sure we have the breadth of skills, personalities and capacity in the team.  We manage this with an active ‘in the wings’ arrangement for prospective team members which enables us to stay one step ahead.

Having the right systems and processes in place:

With the plethora of SaaS (Software as a Service) platforms available, you can keep your finger on the pulse of what’s happening – whether through time-tracking, CRM systems, project management tools etc. All help to better steer and flex the workload in a team.  We have a wide range of clients which gives us a great overview of popular packages and how they can work together.

Peoples’ perception of virtual assistants is as a short-term, transient option, but that does a disservice to the longstanding relationships we enjoy with clients.  The value of a VA comes with how we flex our service to what is required. Rarely could you build a job description that covers the role of a VA in placement. For example, we may start doing travel arrangements and booking meetings, but then be asked to incorporate taking Board minutes, helping with HR admin and running a recruitment campaign. We may take on a project management role in say overseeing an office move or coordinating a conference on an on-line platform.  We can also incorporate a bookkeeper or marketing associate if required. 

The list is endless, but it comes back to having the right approach to tackle whatever comes our way; tasks get done, projects are completed, and your company grows.  

Fiona Portway is Director at Bay Tree VA which provides a progressive resource solution for supporting growing businesses in Norfolk. 
Contact Fiona on fiona@baytreeva.co.uk

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