german specialist in wind turbine maintenance AND REPAIR CHOOSES THE EAST FOR ITS UK BASE

Primed as the heart of the UK’s net zero journey, the most recent addition to the East of England’s impressive portfolio of investors is Deutsche Windtechnik Offshore Limited, specialists in wind turbine maintenance and repair, who have chosen OrbisEnergy in Lowestoft as their UK base

In recent months, the energy industry in the east has celebrated several wins. From Vattenfall’s Norfolk Vanguard and Norfolk Boreas both receiving consent at the turn of the year, through to the recent green light for further additions to ScottishPower Renewables’ East Anglia hub, the region is set to receive billions of pounds worth of investment over the coming decades. 

The German-based company’s expertise and capability in wind turbine operations and maintenance adds significant value to the region, complementing the already impressive range of clean energy companies who call the ‘hub for clean energy’, OrbisEnergy, home.

Rosie Beevor, Country Manager at Deutsche Windtechnik Offshore Limited said: “As an independent service provider it was important to establish our office in such an exciting development region for the UK offshore energy market. We will be able to closely support our existing and potential customers and continue with the growth of our UK Offshore business looking to provide local opportunities in STEM careers.”

Deutsche Windtechnik Offshore Limited’s move further strengthens the East of England’s position as a clean energy producer, demonstrating the region’s appeal to international businesses looking to set up a UK base. 

Ian Pease, Business Development Manager at OrbisEnergy, said: “With over 6.7GW of offshore wind consented in the UK’s Southern North Sea, and 4.6GW of operational capacity, there has never been a better time to invest in the UK’s clean growth region. OrbisEnergy provides businesses the perfect location to realise this opportunity.”

“We’ve seen evidence of this throughout 2022, and the addition of Deutsche Windtechnik Offshore Limited adds to the exceptional year we have experienced so far at OrbisEnergy,” he said. 

And the building’s flexible lease arrangements make the centre a particularly appealing option for companies exploring the opportunities within the East of England alongside the rest of the UK. Managed by facilities management company Vertas, OrbisEnergy offers a highly customer-focused approach, positioning themselves as a clear choice for businesses interested in expanding their operations in the region.

Angela Grey, OrbisEnergy Building and Tenant Manager, said “Within weeks of getting the green light from Deutsche Windtechnik Offshore Limited, we were able to onboard them and give them the opportunity to settle in quickly so they could focus on their core business and make their mark on the UK.”

“We’re delighted to welcome their team to our vibrant clean energy community, and we’re certain they’ll enjoy the opportunity to connect with our other tenants and visitors at OrbisEnergy, she said. 

Image: shows the OrbisEnergy building in Lowestoft, Suffolk Photo credit: CHPV

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