Get the best out of the investment you have put into your people

By Julie Temple, Birkett Long HR
Employment law issues come in all shapes and sizes and it can be a challenge for an employer to know and understand everything.

Published in Suffolk Director Magazine Autumn/Winter 2020

At Birkett Long, through our BLHR retainer, we provide employment law support to clients who range from business owners managing staff, single in-house HR managers and HR Directors running a whole human resources department, to those who work hand in hand with HR advisers.

Get the best out of the investment you have put into your people 1

Membership of BLHR

Through membership of our BLHR service, clients can use us as much or as little as they need to.

We pride ourselves on providing access to a lead adviser who does not give scripted or stock advice, but tailored advice specific to business objectives. We get to know you and your business and will work with you to understand your specific challenges and preferred approach.

Throughout the pandemic, decisions had to be made and seemingly impossible questions are still to be answered. As an employer and an individual, the pandemic has presented us with opportunities. The big question is whether we take them and come out of the other side stronger for it.

When lockdown hit, we had well in excess of 100 clients all requiring advice on an entirely new area of law and one which was constantly changing. Like many, we saw a huge increase in demand but still on a limited resource. Our team and business had to look at innovative ways to develop and not let our clients down.

A reminder of something I said in my article in the last edition which is still relevant today: “These are difficult times. I encourage everyone to remember, once the dust settles (which it will), we will be judged by our actions. Memories are long, so think carefully before you act.”

Finding ways to innovate

We are always finding ways to be innovative. We created an online resource accessible to our BLHR clients that allows them to stay as up to date as humanly possible. As well as taking care of the basics, this resource includes guidance notes, draft documents, and letters which they can use. And, of course, alongside this, clients can always contact their lead adviser for advice.

Throughout this pandemic, at Birkett Long we remain resolute that we will, and still, help businesses effectively manage and get the best out of the investment they have put into their people.

As well as offering the online resource, we will shortly be launching a portal which includes redundancy and collective redundancy sections. Available to our BLHR clients, and to those who feel they need support in this area and wish to purchase individually, as well as redundancy, the portal will include guidance, letters and documents for capability and disciplinary procedures and much more.

I and my team are working from home and the office. If you have a question about HR or employment law issues, we would much rather you ask it and we spend some time having a free chat, than not. There are enough things to worry about at the moment; don’t let that niggle be one of them.

Get the best out of the investment you have put into your people 5

Julie Temple is Partner and Head of BLHR and Employment Team at Birkett Long LLP E: T: 01206 217318 or visit:

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