Good leaders lead by example

By Ben Gray, SSA – Personal Training Gym

If you look at your organisation and your team and see aspects you find unacceptable, it is likely that the breakdown and diversion from the culture you had hoped to create… probably started with you.

Published in Suffolk Director Magazine, Summer 2021

Physical Wellbeing: SSA – Personal Training Gym

This is especially important when it comes to the health of your staff within the workplace.

Whether you acknowledge it or not, you are inspiring those around you. Your actions will be followed by your team and you have the influence to lead them towards greater health (mentally and physically) or away from it. The modern business has a culture of health, fitness, and vitality running through its core, and those in the most influential positions lead the way.

It is no longer acceptable to not provide health and wellbeing support for your team, shrugging off their health as ‘their responsibility’, especially as they become more and more isolated while working from home; you must be the one inspiring the change.

Good leaders lead by example…

If you live poorly and you sleep little, give limited time to your family, and put your physical and mental health at the back of the queue, then you can bet your bottom dollar those following you will be encouraged to do the same. This will impact their work satisfaction, productivity, and eventually their health in a negative way – as it will your bottom line.

Simply instigating change with hollow slogans and by implementing a ‘do as I say, not as I do’ philosophy never works. People who look up to you will copy and mimic your actions, not your words.

If you want to create a truly healthy, vital, and energetic workforce, you have to put your health first and prioritise the basics of sleep, hydration, relaxation, and movement.

The initial steps are simple

Get to bed eight hours before you intend to wake up, drink two litres of fluids daily, spend 5–15 minutes focused on your breathing, and take 10,000 steps per day. These habits will ensure improved energy and health levels and by virtue of your actions, the people you lead will begin to follow.

The next step is to reward more effective and efficient working principles in your staff. Develop systems that actively encourage and afford your staff the opportunity to exercise, to be active every day, to rest well, and build their own health and vitality. 

SSA has a corporate program which is designed specifically to help you achieve this. We can work with your senior team, so they can inspire and encourage their teams to be more productive while building their health and fitness in a way which increases their work/life satisfaction.

We are living in challenging times, when the physical and mental health of your staff is more important than ever. By putting it at the forefront of your thinking your business will become more efficient and more profitable, but it has to start with you!

We would love to help, so please get in touch and we can assist in building a culture which puts the health and wellbeing of your teams at the forefront of your thinking throughout 2021.

Photos taken by Georgie Kerr

Ben Gray Founder and Owner of SSA works with business owners and teams to ensure there physical and mental health. Tel: 07817 804716 E: or visit:

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