Helping you to avoid those printer headaches

By Ross Cracknell, Evolve Business Solutions (EA)

We offer managed print solutions to local businesses and pride ourselves on being customer-focused, competitive, honest, and supportive to clients and suppliers.
Published in Essex Director magazine, Spring | Summer 2022

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Since starting out in 2020, we have endeavoured to build relationships to enjoy long-term partnerships.

To me, this is important because, sadly, the managed print industry has something of a reputation for nailing down contracts that are not only unethical but perhaps damaging for the customer.

Protect your business from printer headaches

With this in mind, I feel it’s valuable to share some tips with you so that your business avoids getting tied into an agreement that only benefits your supplier.

  1. All agreements require 90 days written notice to terminate prior to the minimum term anniversary. Should this not be served, the contracts will automatically renew for a further 12 months.
    Top Tip: Serve notice upon installation of your new printer. This will ensure your contract term is fixed to what you have agreed at the point of sale.
  2. Many companies operate with a standard five-year service agreement, which means the device is fully maintained. If the customer takes a lease agreement with a shorter term, such as three years, this will mean that you will still have a service agreement in place when the lease contract expires.
    Top Tip: Ensure your service and lease agreements run for the same period and do not overlap.
  3. Hidden costs are common in today’s business world, with more organisations now charging for additional services. These include toner delivery, toner recycling and excess toner coverage.
    Top Tip: Make sure your service agreement includes all toners, parts, labour and call-outs so that you don’t get any nasty surprises.
  4. Many suppliers are always looking at options to reduce their costs. One of the main ways is to supply customers with compatible parts and consumables. Unfortunately, this leads to poor print quality and reliability.
    Top Tip: Ensure your agreement specifies genuine parts and consumables are supplied at all times.
  5. New equipment should always be supplied unless your agreement is for less than three years. This is because the manufacturer’s warranty is a maximum of seven years, which could leave you liable for a device that cannot be maintained and repaired.
    Top Tip: If possible, always acquire new equipment that will prove to be more cost-effective in the longer term.

Your printing services may not be the most exciting aspect of your business, but you certainly need them to be reliable. Spending a little time to get your agreements and service levels right from the outset will prevent the need for some awkward conversations down the line.

If you should like any further information or advice, I’d be pleased to hear from you.

Helping you to avoid those printer headaches 1

Ross Cracknell is Managing Director at Evolve Business Solutions (EA).
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