HR Energy event explores how Relationship Intelligence can maximise influence and action

Fifty HR professionals from across the Eastern region attended the latest HR Energy event hosted by Pure and Mills and Reeve.
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The HR Energy breakfast sessions, founded by Pure’s Senior Managing Consultant Becky Wilson and Mills and Reeve’s partner James Kidd, provide learning and networking opportunities for those in the HR sector. The latest session, held on Tuesday 10 March at Mills and Reeve’s offices in Norwich, was based on the topic of Relationship Intelligence. The aim was to explore how HR professionals can enhance alliances across organisations by building stronger relationships and how to maximise the impact and influence of HR to positively influence people and engage action.

Guest Speaker Joe Mills, MD and Founder of consultancy firm The Tree Academy, helped to bring the subject of Relationship Intelligence to life. Joe explained how Relationship Intelligence is the applied awareness of people’s motives and strengths to communicate in the right style and achieve goals faster.

Becky, who specialises in HR recruitment, said: “This was another fantastically inspiring event and Joe was a really engaging speaker. Understanding people’s emotional responses and their main motivators is a powerful tool for maximising the impact of HR. It builds more effective communications, as well as helping to create and maintain a culture of psychological safety and trust which increases employee engagement. This resonates even more in our current challenging times.”

Joe explained how understanding the motivations and reasoning behind someone’s decisions enables people to communicate more effectively, and more emotionally, leading to faster results and stronger relationships. Delegates also explored the three main motivators which influence people’s emotional responses; people and wanting to help others, performance and wanting to achieve results or process and wanting to establish order.

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