Norfolk Business Awards win for MAD-HR

“A New Benchmark for Excellence”

MAD-HR is celebrating after taking the prize for Customer Excellence, in the Norfolk Business Awards.
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Following a string of business accolades over the last 12 months, the East of England HR consultancy was crowned winner of the category at a ceremony held at the Norfolk Showground.

Co-directors Carole Burman and Charlotte Bate attended the event, and were applauded for having set ‘a new benchmark for excellence’.

Following a period of significant growth and progress in the Norfolk area, the judges felt that MAD-HR stood out for its exceptional approach to developing customer relationships, and delivering a seamless and supportive journey for all clients.

Mike Scott, MD of Potters, and one of the category judges, referred to MAD-HR as a ‘true embodiment of what it means to excel in customer service’. He said: “As a judge for the Customer Excellence Award, it was a privilege to witness MAD HR’s remarkable dedication and innovation in the field.

“Their team’s fervour for service improvement and commitment to their industry set a new benchmark for excellence. Their approach, characterised by a rare and commendable energy, not only reflects their deep understanding of client needs but also demonstrates a dynamic, responsive framework for continuous advancement.

“MAD HR is a true embodiment of what it means to excel in customer service, making them a deserving recipient of this prestigious award.”

Summary comments from the judging panel also expressed that the ‘application from MAD-HR was nothing short of stunning’.

Speaking about the great accolade, Carole said: “We are absolutely thrilled to have been acknowledged with this award.

“It feels particularly special to take such an important accolade in the county of Norfolk, given our conscious decision to develop our business beyond its origins in Suffolk, and to embrace working with more and more companies across the Norfolk territory. This journey has been a wonderfully fulfilling and fascinating one for us all, and we can’t wait to see what new successes and celebrations might be possible for us in 2024.”

Main picture taken by Matt Fisher Photography

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