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Our lead interview is with Matt Sykes, who heads up his own sales training and coaching company, Salescadence. After delving into the psychology underpinning sales and self-development, Matt has become an authority on the subject and has two published books to his name. He also hosts a successful podcast and is a keynote speaker at conferences.

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Our lead interview is with Rechenda Smith. Having launched Nurture Marketing from her garden shed after some major personal setbacks, she talks about how she is harnessing her passion and caring nature, to drive success while doing her bit to give back.

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Our lead interview is with Saul Humphrey. He talks about why, after 30 years working inhouse in construction companies, he started his own consultancy, Saul D Humphrey LLP, specialising in sustainable development.

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In this issue we are focusing on a very important sector for us in the region – agriculture. Our lead interview is with Sam and Caroline Steggles of The Goat Shed and Fielding Cottage in Honingham. Their story is both brilliant and poignant, and demonstrates how an earth-shattering event can lead you to take a leap of faith, and completely change your life.

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Our lead interview in the Winter 23 issue themed Tech is with James Adams, Founder of Tech Educators and Managing Partner at Akcela.

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Our lead interview is with Kate Pigeon-Owen from Wellbeing International, who talks about being a ‘yuppie’ in the 80s, and her journey to now working with individuals and organisations to educate them about the menopause.

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Our lead interview in this issue is with Mark Nicholas MBE DL, Managing Director of The Royal Norfolk Agricultural Association, which is celebrating its 175th anniversary. He talks about his military career and how his training and experiences as an army officer have helped him lead the team at the RNAA, to ensure the organisation endures and adapts to continue well into the future.

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Our lead interview is with Lucy Parish, The Feed
“In previous jobs, my work was always focused on thinking about the impact my efforts made on the business. Now, as CEO of The Feed, the staff are at the forefront of my mind and my decisions are geared round that.”

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The lead interview is with our very own Editor-in-Chief Sue Wilcock
After years of interviewing business owners and directors for Norfolk Director Magazine, Sue is finally the one being interviewed about her career and the passion that lies behind the magazine.

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The Autumn 2021 issue features Ian Hacon, Founder of Energise Me
“Whilst I am a carbon copy of my late mother, I think I got some of both my parent’s genes. I picked up the entrepreneurship, business brain from Dad and the caring side and work ethic from Mum.”

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The Summer issue 2021 features Chris Sargisson, CEO at Norfolk Chambers of Commerce
“To be agile in business, you need to be certain about where you’re going and what the endpoint looks like. You also need to have an idea of what’s coming and have the ability to respond to things quickly and well.”

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2021 Spring | Norfolk Director Magazine
Lorna Willis, Chief Client Officer, Archant
“An early lesson learnt was that hard work really does pay off. I have taken that into leadership; I value a strong work ethic in my team above almost any other quality, the exceptions being bravery and integrity.”

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