Our food makes a difference

By Chris Elliott, The Feed

The Feed is a social enterprise with a mission to motivate change in people to prevent poverty, hunger, and homelessness in Norwich. Everything we do works towards our vision: ‘a community free from poverty’.
Published in Norfolk Director magazine, Spring | Summer 2022

The Feed: Our Food Makes a Difference

We support people who may be facing insecurity with their housing. Some have one or more barriers to employment such as poor mental health, substance misuse, a history of offending or learning difficulties. We have several projects which help motivate these people to make a lasting, positive change in their lives and through our cafés and catering business we generate revenue to fund the work we do. 

Supported Work Experience 

We provide supported work experience placement for adults who face barriers to employment in our cafes and catering business. There are a range of roles available. Some people choose to be a part of our front of house team where they will be guided to learn customer service skills. Others prefer to work behind the scenes by joining our kitchen team. Here they are guided on food hygiene and preparation, help to make hot meals and cakes for our cafés, as well as preparing orders for our catering customers. With our welcoming environment, we are able to see the people we support grow in confidence.


Bloom is our programme for women run by women. The sessions take place in the same three hour slot over 12 consecutive weeks with a variety of activities which include bread making, mindfulness, art therapy and discussions on positive relationships. Through this programme the participants are equipped with skills to move forward and make positive change. Our team supports these women by identifying their strengths and giving them the confidence to articulate this with others.  Overall, we find this programme improves wellbeing and provides new skills to people looking to get back into work.


Nourish is a service established by The Feed in April 2021 and was commissioned by Norwich City Council. It provides a hot meal in a safe indoor venue in the city every night of the week. The food is prepared in professional kitchens and served by our team, including a group of trained volunteers. Guests attending can access support, have a chat and receive advice on places where they can gain other kinds of aid.  

New Leaf 

New Leaf is our project that supports Force Veterans and those with an offending history. We work with men and women aged 25 and over to help them on their journey into training, education, seeking jobs and employment. Each person has a weekly support session to map out their personal plan to move forwards.  

Community Fridge 

We also run a Community Fridge which supplies free food to people struggling financially. There’s a choice of chilled items, fresh food, tins and packets usually available. The food is kindly donated by food retailers, community groups, businesses and individuals. 

To find out more about The Feed or to get involved, email info@thefeed.org.uk or head to its website thefeed.org.uk  

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