Secure children’s futures with the IT Full Circle movement

By Mike Tarbard, Every Child Online

Businesses across Essex are adopting an IT Full Circle philosophy and donating their surplus PCs and laptops to Essex-based asset management charity Every Child Online.
Published in Essex Director magazine, Summer|Autumn 2022

Giving Back: Every Child Online

Go into any grammar or comprehensive school in Essex, and you will find hundreds of laptops and PCs in use that are not fit for purpose. Low budgets mean schools must buy cheap second-hand or extremely low-spec devices. Many still have equipment that’s over ten years old.

Our schools face a daily struggle to keep digital learning an effective part of our children’s education and an almost impossible task to support those without access to a device at home.

You can help Every Child Online provide our children with the right tools to use the software they will need to use in the workplace. The IT Full Circle movement is about improving the digital skills of our children and maintaining our industry’s use of home-grown talent.

About Every Child Online

Every Child Online began at the start of the pandemic. In two years, we have received 10,000 donated laptops and PCs from companies and the public. We have donated over

£2.5 million of refurbished devices to schools and charitable organisations supporting underprivileged children.

We are a non-profit that can match the professionalism and services of any IT asset disposal company. To eliminate any security risk, we work with professional IT services partner Sunrise Technologies as a Cyber Essentials Practitioner. Sunrise is an expert in implementing system changes.

Our free services comply with UK data security and environmental standards.

We provide:

– Free data destruction to US DoD 5220.22 standards, with a proof certificate of erasure for every hard drive or data-bearing device.

– We provide a complete audit trail with detailed reporting – our online portal gives you access to your donation’s refurbishment journey. We will even advise you which schools or organisations have benefited. Any broken or end-of-life devices will be recycled, providing the charity with an additional revenue stream. All profits go back into growing and improving our services to the community.

– We work to environmental best practices and operate a zero-landfill policy wherever possible.

– Flexible collection times.

– All our IT disposal services are WEEE Compliant.

– We are happy to receive devices already wiped or even with the hard drive removed.

Our investment in quality and compliance is ongoing. Our goal is to encourage every UK company to consider the benefits of donating their surplus IT equipment. IT assets donated by businesses tend to be a much higher spec than schools can afford. Together, we provide schools with the ability to access software like Windows office apps, coding programs and graphic design applications, all requiring devices with good processing power.

Donating can help your business reach some of its goals related to; Corporate Social Responsibility, sustainability, environmental, social and governance, social impact, helping raise the standard of IT education and helping to close the attainment gap.

If you are looking to sponsor a local charity, every penny you raise for us will go into growing our infrastructure to support more schools and more children and young people.

Secure children’s futures with the IT Full Circle movement 1

Mike Tarbard is the CEO of Every Child Online.

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