Spotlight on Melanie Fielden

Founder and Owner, Pioneer Chicks. Born a Kentish Maid, it wasn’t long before Melanie Fielden’s family moved to Suffolk where she was raised. she now lives with her husband Adam, a primary school teacher. Published in Suffolk Director Magazine, Winter/Spring 2020

A fascinating look at Melanie Fielden’s career

After graduating from university in Norwich, Melanie’s father offered her a job in his business GT Vision Ltd, selling microscopes. Having no idea what she wanted to do as a career, she decided to accept his offer and work with him for a year. Fourteen years later…she’s still there, now as Company Director!

Becoming independent

Two and a half years ago, Melanie had an idea for a business of her own. She’d seen a couple of businesses that were based around building a supportive community of ambitious women. They ran glamorous, visually stunning events, attracting the world’s most influential businesspeople. She desperately wanted to become part of these communities, but they were in Australia and the USA. So, she decided to create her own version in the UK and started Pioneer Chicks.


Describe yourself in three words? Quirky, fair, driven.

What was your first job? My very first job was as a Sales Assistant at Superdrug – I lasted about one month before getting fired!

What frustrates you? People that complain that they’re not happy with something, do nothing about it and continue to complain.

How do you spend your leisure time? Working on Pioneer Chicks. It’s become a passion and I genuinely love working on it. My guilty pleasure, however, is a good Netflix binge for a few hours. One day when life is a tad calmer, I would also like to get back in the saddle and try western riding (my childhood dream was to be a cowgirl, which I still have every intention of fulfilling).

What’s your favourite television programme? I have two (very different!) favourites: Heartland and Vampire Diaries.

What’s your favourite food? Roast lamb with mint sauce. And Bourbon biscuits.

What food do you hate? Brussels sprouts.

What is your biggest weakness? Definitely Bourbon biscuits.

Where are you happiest? On a horse and somewhere warm in the USA.

What was the first record you bought? Kylie Minogue – Locomotion.

At school, what were you good at? Biology, Geography and getting put on report.

What one material thing could you not do without?
My Filofaxes – they’re my lifeline.

You’d go to a fancy-dress party as? A cowgirl, Katy Perry with pink hair, or a 20s flapper girl.

What poster did you have on your bedroom wall as a child? My favourite showjumper, a horse called Milton. And Peter Andre.

How many attempts before you passed your driving test?
I passed on the second attempt – as do all the best drivers!

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Pioneer Chicks inspires, educates and connects ambitious people across the UK in a friendly, fun and welcoming manner. It’s designed with women in mind, but open to all. For more information visit:

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