Supporting the wellbeing of business leaders

By Kate Pigeon-Owen, Wellbeing International
Current research indicates that as many as 20% of employees are off work at any given time due to burnout. Right now, it feels vital that we help retain our employees by making them feel supported both holistically, and as valued colleagues.
Published in Suffolk Director Magazine Winter 2023

Wellbeing in Business: Wellbeing International

Our teams need to see that their leaders are fully engaged with wellbeing issues and are doing their best to prevent stress building up, with a properly maintained and well-implemented wellbeing strategy in place. 

During lockdown, Wellbeing International was driven by the pandemic to create two new programmes online. Little did we know that they would develop into some of our most sought-after services, proving an excellent way to maintain and build relationships with our current and new clients. Webinars for both these programmes are delivered online, ensuring ease of access, eliminating the need for travel, increasing the breadth of engagement, and allowing for the inclusion of remote workers.

Firstly, our Wellbeing Capsules – how do they work?

We have 12 top facilitators specialising in their chosen fields – from Mindfulness and Reflexology to Tai Chi/Qigong and the Menopause.  Choose from our menu of over 20 topics and we’ll deliver between one and two Capsules a month. Simple!

“Wellbeing has been a pleasure to work with. They have brought our team creative wellness Capsules which have been well received.  We’ve learnt new knowledge around topics from Stress to Sleep as well as simple reminders, such as taking a few moments to breathe”.
Sammy McDermott, Wellbeing Manager, Emperor.

Go to to view our ‘Capsules’ menu and find out more.

Secondly, Boost You!

This online programme helps to support your top people who support everyone else, and who might need to ensure their own wellbeing too. Our six-week package covers many aspects of wellbeing, including how to get a good night’s sleep, understanding the science of stress and learning how mindfulness and breathwork can really help you reset and decrease stress levels.

“I was surprised at the interactivity and how much I learnt from attending the Zoom sessions. Not only did I form a close friendship with the other attendees, it also gave me time out to think about myself and my own wellbeing.  I would highly recommend taking part in the group online”.
Patsy Johnson-Cisse, Managing Director, Fresh Start New Beginnings.

Go to to learn more.

An Invitation:

We would like to invite readers to our ‘Introductions to Boost You’!  This one-hour webinar will give you tips and tricks that you can implement straight away to increase your energy.  Come along and see if the full six-week Boost You! programme would work for your team or if, as a leader in your workplace, you would like to join our CEO/Senior Manager Programme, starting in late February 2023, on Saturday mornings. 

Select one of the two timeslots on February 8th at 9.30 -10.30 am, or 2.00 – 3.00 pm. 

Email to secure your place.  

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Kate Pigeon-Owen is Founder and CEO of Wellbeing International. If you would like to chat about wellbeing opportunities for your team, she’d love to hear from you. Do get in touch to schedule a 15-minute virtual coffee chat.

T: 01379 677335
Or visit

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