Sustainability: a chore or something to celebrate?

By Steve Leech, Granite Transformations
Sustainability is the absolute buzzword of 2023, and with governing bodies imposing ever more demanding targets, the pressure on businesses to take responsibility for reducing their carbon footprint is increasing all the time.
Published in Suffolk Director Magazine Spring | Summer 2023

Sustainability: Granite Transformation

Response is varied, but many are left feeling overwhelmed; asking themselves: “what difference will be made adopting changes in my business, when there are countries belching out pollution and using up natural resources with no regard to the consequences or environmental impact?” Well, we all know we can’t hit the restart button, and we definitely can’t turn back time, so the government is absolutely right to encourage us all to play our part, as collectively we can start to turn the tide from destruction to preservation.

We all want to protect the world we live in, rather than feel legally obligated to do so. Yet, for business owners, the problem really lies in making sure we do this without compromising on the quality of our product or service, and ultimately our business plan or profit margins. Businesses need to make money to build a viable future and primarily its customers must come first; adopting change without upsetting this balance can be a tough call. 

Transforming homes and commercial premises

Granite Transformations is widely recognised as a makeover company and installer of new kitchens and bathrooms to the retail market. However, a lot of our work is also within the commercial industry. Having an eco-friendly reception, kitchen or bathroom does not mean compromising on quality and style and our incredible products prove it. Whether it is spas and hotels, shops and restaurants, cafes, pubs, golf clubs and motor dealers, or any other business which has a reception area, our worktops, which are promoted as ‘the top which fits on top’, are hugely popular.

When it comes to sustainability, we decided to pave our own way through all the noise. Rather than getting bogged down with new legislation, we wanted to lead rather than follow. We wanted to do things, not because it’s the fashionable thing to do, but because it’s the right thing to do – for us, for you, and for all our futures.

Constructive steps to be more sustainable

We now work in partnership with many of the world’s foremost environmental organisations, architects, and designers to promote sustainability. We also never stop improving our manufacturing facilities and are constantly striving to find sources for our materials that have the absolute minimum possible impact on the environment.

As a result, we are proud of the fact that:

  • 72% of our worktops are made from post-consumer recycled materials.
  • We recycle the 70% wasted in traditional quarry mining as key granite and quartz ingredients in our etherium® By E-stone surfaces, meaning between 30-70% less waste at source.
  • We use 7.5 million tons of recycled glass each year, enough to cut our carbon emissions by £2.5m.
  • We produce 22% less waste material and 20% fewer polluting emissions than standard processes.
  • We use 3–5 times less water, energy, and raw materials than any other rival company.

Commercially, we work with property developers, offering another layer of choice for their clients to upgrade the kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms in their new home. Another service we offer is for all those customer-facing businesses. We understand their journey starts from where they are first welcomed, and we know that first impressions count. We enjoy being asked to transform business entrance areas, replacing reception desks and counters, so they look professional, fresh, stylish and inviting.

All so that we can bring you something that not only looks good, but which makes you feel good too.

Sustainability: a chore or something to celebrate? 1

Steve Leech is Managing Director at Granite Transformations, Ipswich. For more information

T: 01473 718111
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