Tech helped us grow, it can help you grow too

By Alex Pattenden, Unity Online
The power of technology has enabled businesses of all sizes to trade on the global stage. Unity Online has grown exponentially thanks to technology, and now my job is to ensure other businesses have the chance to do the same.
Published in Suffolk Director Magazine Winter 2023

Digital Marketing: Unity Online

When I started Unity Online in 2014, I wanted to provide cost-effective digital services to companies in East Anglia. I had worked for digital agencies before and felt there was a gap for bottom-line-driven, dependable digital solutions for SMEs. That mindset drives everything we do for our clients and how we build our own business too. As a result, we now have more than 30 talented team members, 250 clients, and we’re just getting started.

As a digital marketer, I want all our clients to achieve success through the power of technology. Every business has the potential to make its presence known online, and through the strategic use of digital solutions, there’s a direct path to increased sales and brand awareness.

Technology lets local businesses grow in ways that might not once have been considered possible. Many of our Suffolk-based clients are now trading worldwide, building a strong presence in new and emerging markets. That’s game-changing for business growth. I see our goal as giving clients that opportunity and the roadmap to get there, with the correct use of services such as search engine optimisation (SEO) and paid marketing.

I think showing tangible results is important, because many people get overwhelmed by digital marketing. For example, our team helped one business record an eightfold increase in online enquiries and another a 3,800% monthly return on their investment. That’s only possible because of technology.

We practice what we preach

Importantly, we practise what we preach. Unity Online has grown quickly, but sustainably thanks to the power of technology. Helpful tools like CRM, project management platforms, automations, integrations and data and insights allow us to better understand the industry we are in and exploit our talents through evidence-based actions and marketing.

Internally, we looked to the giants of Silicon Valley to replicate their methods for success by implementing the OKR objective setting model. We have systems in place that identify our strengths and weaknesses and develop new targets that have helped us grow and our clients achieve their goals.

The growth and increase in revenue that comes with it, have allowed us to invest more in our staff.

That’s something I’d recommend to any business owner. Our internal training strategies now allow new starters to reach account manager level faster than previously, while others have grown with us from entry-level staff, to heads of department in a comparatively short time. It has also help staff like our Web Developer, Emily Collier, be recognised through industry award wins like her Tech Star Award.

That said, by sticking to our purpose – helping other businesses grow through technology – our business speaks for itself. I’m aware that digital marketing can seem intimidating, but with the right team behind you, it doesn’t have to be.

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Tech helped us grow, it can help you grow too 1


Alex Pattenden is Managing Director of Unity Online, a leading digital marketing agency offering SEO, PPC and web design services to clients across the UK.

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