Tech? It’s about getting the right mix

By Stoke by Nayland Resort
In a business like ours, tech has become invaluable. We’re proud to invest heavily in the latest hardware, software and innovations to keep everything running as well as it can for our team and our guests.

Published in Essex Director Magazine Winter 2023

Hospitality & Leisure: Stoke by Nayland Resort

But in hospitality and recreation, tech is not the whole story. When it comes to interacting with our guests, we must give them the best people experience. What’s the point of having the latest tech if the customer experience falls short?

Take our three restaurants. During the pandemic, technology came into its own. We could use online information and QR codes rather than menus, letting customers place orders directly from their smartphones. This helped social distancing and minimised contact with potential germs, providing safety reassurance at the Resort.

Now, we could easily say it’s cheaper to use tech like this all the time, pandemic or not. But why would we? Discerning diners like to ask the waiter about a dish; perhaps get a wine recommendation. Dining is a culinary adventure, an experience to be savoured, and leafing through a traditional menu and talking with knowledgeable waiting staff is all part of it.

The personal touch in hospitality can never be underestimated. It’s a staff-heavy business model for a reason, and we ensure our teams offer quality service.

Unobtrusive tech advances

So, having backed people power, where does Stoke by Nayland Resort benefit from tech?

Some of it is more obvious to visitors than others. Our 4K golf simulator lets you play on famous courses with detailed feedback about your game. The Peake Fitness centre uses the latest equipment to give members and guests the best workout. Members can also book classes on their phones. Our website and online booking system offer a seamless visitor experience, with guests tailoring their stays with added extras to make them special.

In line with our eco values, we installed ten electric vehicle chargers in our car park. They use green energy generated by our business and connect via an app visitors can download before their visit. Now, while you enjoy a round of golf, a meal, a workout or an overnight stay, you’ll be topped up when you return to your vehicle.

With runaway energy costs and sustainability high on everyone’s agenda, using tech to boost our green credentials is paramount. We’ve invested millions in solar and photovoltaic panels, air and ground source heat pumps and biomass boilers. Our farm’s Anaerobic Digester Plant produces green electricity and heat for the entire Resort.

And our irrigation systems harvest rainwater from our farm’s glasshouses and feed it into reservoirs to irrigate our two championship golf courses, helping them remain green during dry periods. This also helps us reduce our impact on precious local resources like water.

We’ve won awards for these tech-backed sustainability initiatives, and we’re delighted it’s cut our carbon footprint and allowed visitors to do the same.

So, for us, the right mix of technology and traditional customer service wins the day. Balance is the way forward, as with so many aspects of life.


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