Those who work with passion never have a job!

By Stuart Robertson, Doctorgolf Academy, Ufford Park
I am fortunate to have been able to choose my career. Partly because I knew what I did, and more importantly didn't want to do for the rest of my life, although my mediocre qualifications probably paid a small part in the opportunities I had.
Published in Suffolk Director Magazine, Winter 2021|22

Doctor Golf: Ufford Park Woodbridge

I am involved in an outdoor sport which experiences very changeable weather and ground conditions. This has allowed me to test myself, as each time I stepped out onto the golf course, I was faced with a fresh challenge. Being passionate about improving, and with an aim to be fully equipped for any eventuality, meant that I acquired the important traits necessary, to help me develop a coaching business that as well as being varied is always exciting.

With structured programmes offering help in all aspects of your golf game, we try hard to help clients find areas that they are already proficient in. It is particularly pleasing when you see players discovering a passion for the game, especially when they realise, they can play a specific shot which helps them to further develop their skills in competently getting around the course.

How do you create passion?

I am often asked how can you create a passion for your job, career, or hobby? There is no simple answer and I’m not sure that this can be created; developed, yes, but there needs to be an initial spark that helps you want to become better than you were the day before.

A passion to learn will keep you younger (well, that’s what I tell myself!), help you to overcome any obstacles, and has been known to make people lose all track of time in their pursuit of perfection. Golf is just one of those games, that no matter how good you are, and how often you play, you never quite know how you’re going to perform, and it’s the desire and hunger to better yourself, that keeps you coming back again and again.

Passion is an attractive quality

The passion and enthusiasm we show in going about our daily duties is an attractive quality that is infectious to others. These character traits can help expand any businesses or groups more quickly than via traditional advertising pathways. Passion also translates into every detail of our daily lives, from how clean and tidy our car, office and desk is, the way we present ourselves and what we wear, to how we seek to improve our vision of the future.

One thing not in any doubt, is that finding passion in what you do helps your business to expand and attract new clients much more easily.

Stuart Robertson is Director of Golf at The Doctorgolf Academy, Ufford Park Woodbridge
T: 01394 383480
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