Three Eggs shares insightful whitepaper on work-based mental health

Three Eggs, the experts in workplace mental health, have released a succinct white paper highlighting practical solutions for business to better support their staff.

The 15 page document, written by Three Eggs Director Louise Newby looks at the effect of the Coronavirus pandemic on employee mental health and the stigma of poor mental health. The paper goes on to cover strategies employers can use to improve their mental health culture and support their people as they return to the workplace. Here is an overview of the contents of the paper.

  • MENTAL HEALTH AT WORK – An overview for employers
    • How many people suffer from poor mental health?
    • How does poor mental health impact individuals at work?
    • How does poor employee mental health impact organisations?
    • The stigma of poor mental health
    • What if we do nothing?
  • MENTAL HEALTH AT WORK – and the Coronavirus pandemic
    • How has the Coronavirus pandemic impacted mental health?
    • Creating a positive return to the workplace for everyone
    • How can organisations support line managers as they return to the workplace?
  • LOOKING AHEAD – Maintaining a positive mental health culture
    • What strategies can organisations use to improve their mental health culture?
    • Supporting your organisation’s mental health

The paper refers to recent research from many sources, for example, research by Deloitte found that providing training for employees to spot and act on signs of poor mental health in themselves and others can provide a ROI of £6 for every £1 invested, while proactive training can provide an even higher ROI of up to £10 for every £1 invested.
Louise Newby, Director at Three Eggs, explains: “Employers who are aware of the importance of mental health and emotional wellbeing have an organisational culture of openness, acceptance and awareness, which includes mandatory training on wellbeing. As a result, more individuals will understand the link between their mental health and productivity and what to do when they or their colleagues experience challenging circumstances.”
Further information about Three Eggs training and consultancy services can be found on their website and the White Paper can be download here

Photo is of Louise Newby, Director and is taken by Foyers Photography

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