Tips for a smooth office move

By Paul Dye, The Van About Town

In the times we find ourselves in, there could be several reasons for wanting to move your office and no matter the scale of the move, there will be costs involved.

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However, by doing some proactive planning, you may well be able to make savings in terms of time, as well as money.

Here are our top 10 tips for a smooth office move.

1. Plan: Ok, so you have found the ideal space, the planning starts now. Depending upon the size of your organisation you may decide to hire a project manager or even an internal team to oversee the move.

2. Checklist: It is very easy to overlook something during a move, so use a document to keep on top of progress. Ideally, this should be shared with the project team via a digital platform like Google Docs, so it can be edited and updated. There are plenty of versions online for all sizes of company.

3. Visualise: Along with the checklist you should create a floorplan of your new workspace to use when discussing the move with your removal company, telecommunications supplier, and IT department.

4. Reduce the impact: Keep downtime to a minimum. It might be better to stagger the move over a few days, so that staff can always be available for your customers.

5. IT: Probably the biggest job when moving is setting up your IT, so involve the IT team early on, as the last thing you want is for the phones and/or computers to not work once you are in.

6. Communicate: A move can be very stressful, so keep everybody up to-date with progress, by creating a moving noticeboard with information such as deadlines for packing, and the new layout. Also draw up a list of customers and suppliers you need to contact with your new details.

7. Furniture: If you are having new furniture, ensure you allow time for it to be delivered and built before moving day. If you are going to reuse your existing furniture, then use the floorplan to ensure that everything will go where you want it to, and how you will get it there. For instance, getting a 100kg photocopier up narrow twisting stairs may be difficult.

8. Staff: Ask staff to pack up the contents of their workstations into boxes or crates, clearly marked with the workstation they are relevant to. Also ask them to take any personal items home, so that you are not paying to move them.

9. Removal company: It’s always best to get two or three quotes before selecting your removal company. If they don’t want to visit you to assess the job, then avoid them. Check out their reviews online; both the good and the bad. Good companies will have reviews on third party sites such as Checkatrade or TrustPilot.

10. Celebrate: Once you have completed your move celebrate the fact. It doesn’t need to be a massive thing but marking the occasion and thanking everyone who has contributed goes a long way.

You will be moving office for a good reason, but it is a lot of work. Plan ahead as much as possible and involve others so that little things hopefully don’t get forgotten.

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If you’re thinking of moving office and you want to keep things as smooth as possible, then speak to Paul Dye at The Van About Town on T: 07470 503760 E: or visit

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