Turning competitors into collaborators

By Owen Williams, West View IT

There is a sense of competition and adversity between similar businesses and their owners. I’m here to tell you that turning your competitors into collaborators will benefit you and your business. Let me explain...

Published in Suffolk Director Magazine Autumn|Winter 2022

Outsourcing Professionals: West View IT

Here at West View IT, we love to create inclusive relationships with our so-called “competitors”. We meet regularly with eight to ten similar IT companies to us. This creates a brilliant think-tank of ideas, problem-solving and a community you would otherwise not have. We all come together with issues we might face in the world of commerce and then discuss what we might have done differently or improved upon.

In business, your competitors may inevitably do some things better than you, and you are likely to do some things better than them. This can create an excellent opportunity to share work and support each other. Sharing your different ways of working can benefit both companies and creates a fantastic working relationship.

Yes, there might be some adversity in business. However, supporting similar companies can create great working relationships, that can be incredibly beneficial in the long run. We believe that working with an inclusive mindset will get you further, whether in business or life in general.  

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Owen Williams is the Founder and MD of West View IT.
T: 01449 798119
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