Local Transport Services launches new operating system

UK logistics firm Waller Transport Services is launching a new bespoke digital tracking application that will streamline the business and improve customer service. The new system called ‘Traffic’ combines a straightforward user interface with live GPS tracking and integrated invoicing to simplify every part of the freight forwarding process.

‘Traffic’ digitally tracks each job from start to finish, including compiling paperwork, such as Proof of Delivery (POD) and invoices, and includes a traffic light system that will automatically track and notify the status of a job. SimpleClick developed the new system using its bespoke content management system (CMS), Doddle, and a modular technique to create a simple, user-friendly interface.

Waller, founded in Ipswich over 50 years ago, has been using its own in-house system for the last 15 years. Recognising the need to modernise technology, increase efficiency and future-proof business processes, Managing Director, Darryn Flynn, chose SimpleClick in order to create a new mobile friendly system that is simple and effective.

‘Traffic’ will allow each leg of a job to be monitored and allows PODs to be collected and sent to clients instantly, via Sign on Glass (recipients signing directly onto a smartphone or tablet device) or photographic evidence. Once a job is deemed complete ‘Traffic’ will automatically generate invoices in Xero’s integrated accounting system.

The system provides GPS-based monitoring of the progress of each leg of a job and enables Waller to see when a job is running late, which is invaluable for time-critical deliveries. Drivers can log in to ‘Traffic’ to see their job list for the day and ‘punch’ in and out of each stage of their journey, compiling data which is sent straight to Waller and avoids time consuming calls and texts.

Andy Boland, Technical Manager at SimpleClick, said: “I knew that our bespoke CMS, Doddle, could be used to create the application Waller Transport Services needed. We undertook a ‘deep dive’ into the existing system, identifying the parts they wanted to keep and any functionality frustrations, to inform our approach. The most important feature of ‘Traffic’ is its simplicity. Ease-of-use was at the forefront of the solution design process, as the application’s main goal is to increase efficiency and this wouldn’t have been achieved with an over-complicated design.

“The software delivers live GPS tracking updates and proactive communication regarding delays and completed deliveries, removing the need to make phone calls to monitor the status of jobs. ‘Traffic’ also supports in-application messaging, again streamlining processes. Our CMS product, Doddle, is modular and enabled us to build a system that broke the separate functions of Traffic into logical areas, making it very straightforward to use, which will help Waller achieve more efficient processes.”

Waller Transport Services partially funded the project with a grant from TALE (Transport and Logistical Efficiencies).

Darryn Flynn, Managing Director of Waller Transport Services, said: “There was simply nothing on the market that ticked all the boxes we needed. We have found existing systems used by other logistics companies to be over-complicated and bulky. ‘Traffic’ gives up-to-the-minute tracking capabilities, records vital data and allows both Waller and our customers to use this information to streamline services. The ‘Sign On Glass’ function will potentially cut out weeks of chasing paperwork and speed up the invoicing process, as well as reducing overheads.

“We were keen to use our TALE grant money to improve our business processes and simplify data handling procedures. ‘Traffic’ has proven to be a worthwhile investment that we hope to roll out across our customer base in due course. From day one, SimpleClick understood our requirements. Their expertise in custom-built content management systems means the finished application is exactly what we envisaged at the outset.”

Image: Darryn Flynn (L), Managing Director of Waller and Richard Jennis (R), Managing Director of SimpleClick.

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