Will you help people with multiple sclerosis?

By Jill Purcell, MS-UK
Approximately 130,000 people live with multiple sclerosis (MS) in the UK and around 130 people are newly diagnosed with MS every week. MS-UK is a small national charity supporting anyone affected by MS.
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Giving Back: Jill Purcell, MS-UK

We run a national helpline providing one-on-one support where it is needed most, and we produce a magazine featuring the latest news, stories and lifestyle tips to support people to live well with MS.

We also offer accessible online activities helping people living with MS stay active and connected, plus MS-UK’s E-learning courses support understanding and knowledge of MS.

Lisa’s story

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Lisa describes the impact of her diagnosis and how MS-UK has helped her feel less alone.

“I was given the news that I had MS over the phone during the pandemic when human care and contact was perhaps at its lowest. I felt helpless, despondent, and teary. I was alone and alienated.

“After a couple of months, the local MS nurse gave me information about MS-UK, and then the game changed. Now, suddenly, I was able to meet up with others out there who were experiencing similar things to me, both physically and mentally. I found large spaces of love and gratitude within this new community.

“It sounds strange, but I cannot express how liberating this was. The fear of what might happen, the grim fight for acceptance within, the feeling of vulnerability, and sometimes the utter darkness were pins blown apart by the ball of MS-UK. I attended my first Peer Pod to meet others, and in the space of a year, I have been to all the online courses and information sessions I could go to.

“I truly believe that there is a gift in everything. Sometimes it’s blooming hard to find it, or to figure out what on earth is going down. MS-UK has helped me connect with others, stay positive and find the space inside that is peaceful. Now, there’s a gift.”

Did you know?

Supporting a charity such as MS-UK can boost your employees’ performance and productivity. One study from the University of Southampton found having the chance to support a good cause through work can boost employee productivity by up to 30%. It’s a win-win!

Research shows supporting charities is a great way to improve morale in your workplace, helping to retain talent and attract future employees too.

Working with us

At MS-UK, we completely rely on the generosity of our supporters and fundraisers to allow us to continue delivering the services that people rely on.

Corporate giving is a great way to demonstrate to the public, stakeholders and employees that you’re a company that cares and can be trusted. Plus, research shows that 56% of people are more inclined to buy products or services from a business that donates to charity.

We would love to work together to create a partnership that is mutually beneficial, and we’ll provide a range of activities that will excite and engage your staff, tailored just for you.

Choose us to be your charity of the year!           

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Get in touch

Jill Purcell is Fundraising Manager at MS-UK.

T: 01206 226500
Or visit

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