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Maintaining that work life balance By Jane Cattermole, Bay Tree VA

As a remote-working company, Bay Tree VAs work from their own offices. We manage our own workloads with clients and setting boundaries can be tricky when there are so many calls on our attention, from checking e-mails, social media, texts, WhatsApp, Slack, the list goes on.
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It can be hard to switch off from the flow of communication and lose perspective on what needs attention/action and what is ‘noise’.

I remember going to a presentation recently on The Modern Workplace and the audience being asked to consider what kind of employer they would be described as, not by their team but by their team’s families? That really struck a chord with me as most of our team chose to join Bay Tree VA for the flexibility they gain for their families. However, flexibility can mean lack of boundaries and that can cause stress and confusion if not managed properly.

We work closely with our team to ensure they are happy with all they are juggling workwise. We have set working hours to help manage expectations of clients but also to provide guidelines for the team to work within. Our VAs can choose to work at 5am or 11:30pm but that’s not a set requirement.

I’m also mindful when corresponding out of hours that I don’t inadvertently cause worry when I’m just batting something off my desk. We all have a responsibility to help each other work to an optimum but to not lose sight of what’s important.

Jane Cattermole is Founder and Managing Director of Bay Tree VA T: 01284 828974 E:
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