You don’t know what you don’t know

By Owen Williams, West View IT

Would you expect your clients to know as much about your area of expertise as you do? Of course not. That’s why they use you; isn’t it?

Published in Norfolk Director magazine, Spring | Summer 2022
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IT Services: West View IT

The same goes for us. As an IT support business, we totally absorb ourselves in the highly technical, high speed, rapidly changing world of technology. We genuinely love it and pride ourselves on having a level of expertise that most people don’t.

The biggest problem is that IT support is an unregulated industry. Just about anybody – literally anybody – can set themselves up doing it.

Without asking the right questions, you simply don’t know if you’re putting your trust, and the security of your business data, in the hands of a reputable, honest company.

So how do you avoid choosing the wrong IT support company?

Firstly, look for solidity. Check they have the right qualifications, accreditation, and experience. Remember, it’s an unregulated industry, so be sceptical. Then ask some difficult questions. You don’t need to make them squirm, but you do want to make sure they’re going to deliver what you need.

Ask them…

…how quickly your problems will be fixed

…what they do proactively

…about the specific people who will be looking after you

…to explain something deeply technical to you

…how they will keep up with the constant changes in your business.

Of course, there are plenty of other questions that you could ask, but these five should tell you the most about your potential partner.

You don’t know what you don’t know 1

Owen Williams is the Founder and MD of West View IT. For more information contact:
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