Recycling is what we do

Your rubbish is our passion

By David Dodds, Sackers

With COP26 having taken place in Glasgow recently, it’s warming (in the right way) to acknowledge that we are helping Suffolk businesses with their carbon footprint; something we have been doing for years!

Published in Suffolk Director Magazine, Winter 2021|22

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We are helping 750 businesses of all sizes and in all sectors, predominantly in Suffolk, but also a small number on the Essex and Norfolk borders, to manage their commercial waste.

All this waste gets delivered to our site, where it is then sorted and recovered for recycling. Last year, we recycled an incredible 19,270 tonnes of commercial waste, which is a CO2 saving of 81,700 tonnes*.

It is the investment we have made over the years in specialised plant, that has improved production and efficiencies, and which puts us in a position where we are recovering around 97% of all waste that comes to us. We could be at 100%, but there are just a few things that cannot be recycled, such as hazardous waste and asbestos. This waste has to either go to landfill or for further treatment before final disposal.

Your rubbish is our business

We have outlets for all types of sorted waste including paper, cardboard and plastic which gets recycled back into the same product. This is often the same for glass, but if it isn’t clean enough, it can be made into aggregate along with soil, rubble and stone. There is usually something for all types of waste; even tyres are shredded and made into a gravel substitute which is then used in play areas or horse menages.

However, the largest part of the business is our scrap metal side, where we can recycle 100%.  Last year we recycled 92,141 tonnes of scrap, which equates to an incredible 396,200 tonnes in CO2 savings.  

We want to go further though and have set ourselves a target to achieve 537,500 tonnes of CO2 savings over the next year. We are intending to do this by improving our recycling efficiencies and investing in new kit which will allow us to recycle more tonnes and into purer piles.

Recycling is what we do

Although recycling is what we do for a living, we are also on our carbon journey to make our operations more CO2 proficient. So, we have implemented strategies to improve this. We have installed solar panels and changed our procurement policy to buy from businesses with a carbon reduction plan or environmentally friendly products. And, as well as introducing a robust environmental policy, we have invested in electric or hybrid company cars, and telematics to improve efficiency in our fleet of lorries and vans. We are also measuring our carbon footprint regularly and have become part of the Suffolk Net-Zero group.

We know a lot of businesses are taking their climate impact seriously and want to recycle waste more efficiently. So, we offer free waste audits and allow our customers portal access to our systems, which includes carbon reporting on their loads that come to us.

At Sackers, we not only want to do our bit to address climate change, but we are happy to help other businesses to do the same.

* figures calculated from

David Dodds is CEO of Sackers. If you would like to find out more about how Sackers can help you with a free waste audit then contact:
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