Safepoint uses What3words to help keep workers safe

An introduction to Lone Workers

Over 20% of the British workforce are considered lone workers. From care workers to estate agents, lorry drivers to farmers, lone workers face unique risks with little to no oversight. 

If you employ anyone who works on their own, including part time workers, contractors and freelancers, you may have legislative responsibilities over their wellbeing.

How Safepoint Works

The Safepoint lone worker solution is comprised of a user-friendly app (for iOS and Android), and a robust guardian portal (available on all modern browsers). With the Safepoint solution, organisations can monitor their workers’ safety, wherever they are.  

Through the Safepoint app, workers can create ‘tasks’. During the task, the worker’s location (along with other vital safety information) is monitored in real time and shared with the guardian portal. 

The Safepoint portal allows an organisation’s ‘guardians’ to quickly and easily view the location and status of their entire lone working team. 

Should a worker require help, they can easily use Safepoint to trigger a silent alarm. An alarm will also be called if the worker does not check in as safe by the end of their task.  

Once an alarm is triggered, the worker’s assigned guardians will be immediately notified and they can use the Safepoint portal to see their worker’s location –as well as other vital safety information. Guardians can use this information to make swift, informed decisions.

Partnership with What3words

What3words is a brilliantly simple way to describe location. It has divided the world up into a grid of 3m squares that can each be identified by three simple words. So, for instance, the Safepoint HQ can be found at /// When Safepoint heard about What3words, they knew it could be an invaluable tool in keeping lone workers safe. 

For a company using Safepoint, responding quickly to an emergency alarm could mean the difference between life and death. Safepoint’s partnership with What3words makes it easier to relay location information to the emergency services and first responders.

Safepoint was conceived as a boldly innovative lone working solution. This means, reliable, user-friendly software with transparent, contract-free pricing. Now, by partnering with What3words, Safepoint hopes to continue that tradition of innovation and user-focus. What’s more, Safepoint hopes to save lives, and help workers feel safer wherever they are. 

An embeddable public video demonstration of the partnership in action can be found here:

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